Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 16: More teaching

Hola todo!!
Well, what a week this has been! First off, we have a baptism this weekend!!! Surprise!! Haha so here is what happened, so there is a family in our ward, both the parents are members and they have two sons - one is 13 who was baptized and the other, Yan Carlos, who is 9 who hasn't been. The family only comes to Sacrament meeting and I guess when Yan Carlos turned 8 they just didn't baptize him? I don't know exactly what happened but we have been teaching him once a week ever since we have been here in San Sebastian! He's never been to Primary so we have to teach him pretty slow and simply. His mom still doesn't bring him to Primary, but we have been praying really hard and we are starting to see a change in her as well. So we are hoping that after the baptism she will bring them!! We thought that this baptism would be part of the ward, but actually it is one of ours because he is above the age of 8! So he is going to be baptized this weekend!! Wooo!!
So we were hoping to have baptismal dates with 3 of our investigators this week, but it didn't exactly work out that way! So with our first, Marilin - she is our investigator that has been progressing the most! She literally is completely prepared. She was the one that I talked about in the previous email who we are pretty sure was Mormon before because she knew and understood everything! We taught her the first part of the Plan of Salvation this week and she absolutely LOVED it. And get this!! So we asked her if she read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and she literally marked the whole thing and the testimonies of the 11 witnesses! And she wanted to make sure she understood everything and so she explained it back to us, and it was better than I could have explained it in Spanish haha she seriously is a gem!! We extended a baptismal date at the end of the lesson and she paused for a second and said.. You know what, I need to ask someone first... (haha we were thinking.. um who??) ... I want to ask God to see if this is the right date for me to be baptized. Uh YES! Ask Him!!! We were going to visit her again later in the week but she got a surprise visit from her nephew so we weren't able to. We have appointments set up with her this week so we are praying that she can continue to progress!! Her desire to know is amazing! And it was so funny because the other sisters are teaching her mother in law and Marilin happened to be over at her mother in laws house when the sisters were teaching her the Restoration! And the sisters told us that Marilin was helping them teach the Apostasy hahaha how funny is that?? She is great!
So our other investigators are Nilda and Sandra, the mom and daughter. We taught them 3 times this past week and they still say they have a desire to be baptized, but they still want to learn more before they make the decision when. And they are not exactly keeping with their committments.. gah! When we stopped by Saturday to teach them, Sandra was just about to leave with her guy friend - no they aren't "boyfriend and girlfriend" so she says haha but we are a little worried because he is a lot older than she is and when she saw us she just left with him. NO!! But it gave us the opportunity to really talk with the mom and the baptism. They were going to come to church with us on Sunday but they cancelled.. again!! We were so sad!! Right now, we are kind of stuck on what to do. But we have more appointments this week so we are just praying that everything will work out the way it needs to and that we'll be able to help them progress!
We found some more people to teach for this next week so we are excited! So hopefully I'll have more investigators to write about next week! The weather here has been completely bipolar it is insane! One minute it is sunny and boiling hot, and then the next moment we are literally running to the closest house for shelter from the lightning (hahaha I'm not even kidding, it happened this week!!)! But hey, it's Puerto Rico and I love it :) Anyway, I'm out of time! Have a great week everyone!!
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