Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 18: 4 months

So Transfers are this week...
Haha what a stressful and emotional week it has been anticipating to find out if I was staying or going and who was going to be my companion! All the members have been freaking out too haha. And especially because right before we got the call from our District Leader, we extended 3 Baptismal Dates and they all accepted!!!! Hahaha so we were just hoping and hoping that we would stay, of course keeping in mind that it is the will of the Lord! Our District Leader called us when we were walking down the street, and when he told us we literally started dancing and jumping up and down haha all the cars were probably like who are these missionaries?! But it was something worth dancing for! We are super excited to have another 6 weeks to work here together!
So, let me tell you about these 3 investigators! I think I talked a little bit about them last week, but one of them is Aurora. She is awesome!! She has the absolute biggest desire to know the truth! She has visited so many different churches that all have different doctrine, so she is super confused about a lot of things. So she has a lot of questions too though, which is good! As we taught her the Restoration she was completely intrigued by the Book of Mormon, and I almost cried when I saw her reaction as we gave it to her! She just kept telling us over and over how happy she was to receive it and how she was super excited to start reading it!! Yaya!! She accepted a date for the 23rd of August, so we are going to work really hard with her. The only thing is, she is super busy during the week so we only get to see her once a week, but we are hoping we can teach her twice a week! Vamos a ver!
The other two are Peggy (the American) and now her husband Vicente! Oh my goodness she is hilarious!! And guess what? We have been teaching her in English and it's been SO fun! Haha and really, Hermana Sosa is rocking it too! Vicente understands English too, but we want to take time to teach him some of the doctrine in Spanish too so he can really understand. It's been a little weird knowing what to do with the different languages, but I feel that the Lord is guiding us in knowing what to say. And oh my goodness, Vicente is so cute to Peggy! He always re-explains the things we say to make sure that she understands! Haha so when we mention Joseph Smith he'll be like, "You know Peggy, the prophet that..." and stuff like that haha it's so great! They are super receptive and are super willing to learn. When we extended the Baptism Date, Peggy was super concerned because she is in a wheelchair and thought that we were going to baptize her in the river!!! Haha what? We talked about it though with her and it's all good now!
Now, the only thing is, with these investigators, and actually with ALL of our investigators, is getting them to come to church. And going to church is just as important!! Gah!! It's frustrating sometimes, but we keep working with it! Concerning our other investigators, sadly none of them are progressing as much as we would like them to. HOWEVER, we have 6 more weeks so they haven't gotten rid of us yet :)
One amazing thing that happened this week!! So, there is a family of 7 in the ward  - seven!! - that recently became less active about a month or so before we got here, so for about 4 months now. We had only taught them one time when we first got here and the other times, they were never home and the mom wouldn't answer our calls. The kids are 14, 11, 6, and twins that are 3, such a cute family! The ward has been fighting to try and get them to church so Saturday we decided to go check to see if they would let us in, and they did!! We talked about the talk that President Uchtdorf gave in the last October General Conference! Haha I'm not sure what it is in English but I think it's like, Come and Join With Us, amazing talk. We shared this and invited them to come to church. As we were sitting in Relief Society yesterday morning, the Stake Presidents Wife was giving the lesson when she basically screamed, they came!! The window in the RS room outlooks the parking lot and THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! I kid you not, all of the RS women were literally almost in tears and the RS president kept blowing me and Hermana Sosa kisses haha but of course, we all know that it wasn't us missionaries, but the Holy Ghost testifying to this family too! We have another appointment this week, so we are hoping all goes well and that we can have 2 weeks in a row!!
Well, that's all I can think of right now! We are praying hard here for the work to keep progressing, and I am so excited for the 6 weeks more that I have to work! Have a great week everyone!!
Hermana Holt

 How should I celebrate?

With a gluten free pancake

our investigator, Zaida, and her cute dog

cutest missionaries ever

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