Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 19: Just keep teaching!

Hola todo!!

So, this week! It started off a little sad because Tuesday morning we had to send off Hermana Howell! She was transfered to Saint Kitts! And Hermana Madrigals new companion wasn't coming in until Wednesday (because she was in Saint Kitts) and so guess what happened Tuesday? TRIO!! Haha oh my goodness. So fun!! A little different, and a little hard because we had to try and get as many of both of our investigators in as we could, but it was SO great! So wednesday, Hermana Watkins came in and oh my goodness she is hilarious! She's from California and has been out in her mission 7 months, but has been in the island the whole time! And the island speaks English!! So we are in the same boat together continuing to learn the language together!

So onto the investigators!! Aurora - we are trying our best to try and teach her more than once throughout the week to help her continue to progress, but we can only get a hold of her once a week, so we work with that! Sadly she couldn't make it to church..... but she has been diligently reading the Book of Mormon and loves it! We asked her to read the Intro to the BofM and she had underlined words she didn't know and wrote down questions to help her to understand! We have to teach the lessons in parts because she always has SO many questions, but she has such a desire to know it's amazing!! However.. she needs to come to church! So we are praying and praying that she will be able to this next week. But she is doing great!

Peggy and Vicente - Peggy got super sick this week so we were only able to teach her once and she wasn't able to make it to church either. But listen to this!! So, first, we had intercambios (exchanges) this week for the first time in a while apparently! I guess the sisters haven't had them a lot in their mission. But anyway, I was paired with Hermana Brotherson who is from Utah and has only about a month left in her mission! She is the best!! But to be honest, I was kinda freaking out for these intercambios haha being the "leader" I guess you could say for the day. But wow, I loved it!! I learned so much and I actually gained a lot more confidence in myself with my Spanish haha since she made me do a lot of the talking. Anyway, so we stopped by Peggys and her daughter answered saying that she has sleeping and was still super sick. So, we started walking to our next lesson which was a good 25 min or so walking distance. Once we got there, they weren't there either!! Gah!! But then, Hna Sosa called me and said, where are you guys?! Uhh working? Haha apparently, her and Hna Gomez (her companion for the day) had passed by Peggys house and Peggy had just woken up and heard that we stopped by and so she freaked out saying, are they coming back to teach me?! Hahaha so we basically sped walked back to Peggy's house and taught a great lesson in English about 3 Nephi 11 :) She has such a desire to know and has been reading as well! So we are hoping her health gets better so that she is able to come to church!! It's SO crucial!

Anyway, sadly our other investigators have dwindled which has been really hard on Hna Sosa and I. But, we contacted a pueblo we haven't gone to yet, (it's a walk haha but it's worth it) and found some great people to teach! So we have a lot of lessons to teach this week and we are praying all goes well!! Sorry I can't write more!! I love you all and have a great week!! :)

Hermana Holt

 Mayaguez zone conference

pretending to eat a bug

 too close for comfort

 I can't do it

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