Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 20: Designated driver

 Hola todo!!
Wow, a lot of walking this week. Haha a lot of walking this week, BUT it was a good one because we extended baptismal dates... to a family! Finding families in the mission is basically Christmas haha, especially if they are receptive! So I might have mentioned them last week, but I'm not sure. The mom's name is Migdalia and she has 3 awesome kids, Shakira who is 13, JessMarie who is 11, and Edwin who is 8 (all baptism age :) haha). The first time we met them was just a getting to know them and explaining a little bit of what we teach as missionaries, and right off the bat the kids were so excited, especially when we gave them the Restoration pamphlets! After we had left, made an appointment, and passed the house later again that day, Shakira was outside answering the questions at the back of the pamphlet!! So we went back to their house this past week and taught them the Restoration and it went SO well! Haha I thought so! We had little activities for the kids to help them pay attention so it wasn't too boring for them :) And as we were talking the mom said how she just feels something different when we talk. She had told us too that she had taken a lot of different classes from different churches which has left her a little confused! So as the lesson finished, my amazing companion said the baptismal invitation and all of them accepted!! Like what?! So we are hoping and praying that all will continue to go well with them! They weren't able to make it to church yesterday, and now it's a little complicated this week because we have Stake Conference at the Stake Center which is an hour away in car... so I'm not sure how many investigators we will have at church this next week.. but we'll see!

Speaking of investigators at church, Aurora came!! We haven't had a lot of success with investigators attending church so this was huge!! And since this was the first time she has attended church, we are going to have to push her baptism date back a little bit, but really, she is so awesome. She reads from the Book of Mormon every day and has been praying hard to know if it's true! Little by little I know she'll know. So we were SO glad when she came to church because that's so essential as well. We have 2 appointments with her this week and she is hoping to go to Stake Conference too! 

Ohh Peggy and Vicente. Haha I love them so much, they are hilarious. But sadly, again, they couldn't make it to church... gah! So we will have to push their baptismal date back too. And also, because of Peggy's health they can't make it to Stake Conference. But all is well!! I really love the lessons with them because the Spirit is always there! And since she has a computer we watch Mormon Messages and other videos with her which are SO powerful! And of course since it's in English it makes it that much more fun haha! But really, one of the hardest things here in my mission is getting people to come to church!! A lot of people here have such a desire to come closer to God and have TONS of faith, but they don't act on it. And helping them change that is the hard part. But, as missionaries we just keep going!

So guess what?? I have been assigned as the "designated driver" of our area!! Oh my goodness driving the car was so nice haha I kinda miss it! I sent a picture of us 4 in the car, and don't worry haha that is not how I actually drive, that's just how I feel!! :) Oh and listen to this!! A while back we were teaching a lady who had been taught by the Jehovah's Witnesses and we kept stopping by and she was never there. I was SO sad because I thought she had potential!! So it's been about 2 or 3 weeks since we had seen her and we were walking in the rain when a car came up and it was her!! She offered us a ride!! And then she was saying, I am so sorry I've been so busy and haven't been home but you guys are welcome to come back and teach me! So we have an appointment Tuesday :) AH!! I about died!! 

Well, we were able to teach new investigators for the first time this week so hopefully next week there will be new names for you guys to read :) All is well here in San Sebastian, it's hard at times, but that's the mission! I can't believe it's already the 3rd week of the transfer.. where is the time going?? My dear companion hits her 1 year mark this Thursday... party!! Haha love you all!!

Hermana Holt

I'm the new designated driver

Wow! It feels so good

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