Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 21: SNAKE!

Hola todo!!

Well, this week I can honestly say I don't even know where to start haha. I have good news, I have bad news, and I have crazy/scary stories!! And for some reason, I'm not sure why, but this week has gone by a lot slower.. but all is well!! I think it felt slower because this week was full of meetings! Tuesday we had a Zone Conference and then this past weekend was Stake Conference, which we had to attend both Saturday and Sunday. And then Stake Center is about an hour away in car so there was a lot of traveling involved! These meetings were amazing though! I feel so grateful to have such amazing zone leaders and also stake leaders! President and Hermana Boucher joined us Sunday as well as Elder Cornish, who is the Area 70 for the Caribean. He is awesome!!

So I guess I'll start with the bad news.. actually it's just a lot more surprising! So I'm pretty sure I told you about that family last week? The mom and 3 kids? Well we had an appointment with them Thursday and Wednesday night the daughter texted us saying that the mom didn't want us to come anymore. Huh? What happened!! She then tried to explain to us why, but we couldn't understand her texts so Hna Sosa called her and the daughter put the mom on the phone - I'm not sure what all she said, but it looks like we won't be teaching them anymore. I am so crushed!!!! We both are! Especially because we have no idea what happened. It was so out of the blue. But, I'm just praying that sometime in the future they will accept missionaries again!

But, Heavenly Father is definitely part of this work because we still have 3 progressing investigators (Peggy, Vicente, and Aurora) who are doing well!! Reading and praying and everything. They couldn't attend Stake Conference because of the distance but we are really really really praying for this Sunday! We have moved all of their baptisms to the 20th of September and they are all willing to work for that date. Only Vicente says he has recieved a specific answer, so we'll see how this week goes. I know going to church will make a big difference! Haha oh my goodness and guess what? Peggy was so excited when we taught her this week because she says, look what our TV has!! And then she pulls up the Mormon Channel! With all the videos and talks and the scriptures and everything! Haha she was SO excited and of course so were we!! So we watched some Mormon Messages :) My favorite!!

So, are you ready for this story? You are not going to believe it! But it happened!! So, we were driving back from Mayaguez (where the Stake Center is) and we were just silently listening to the music when Hna Sosa screams "CULEBRA!!!" (snake)! So I'm looking outside the front window obviously haha thinking uhh where? How could she have seen a snake? When all of the sudden, lo and behold there was a snake outside Hna Sosa's window wrapped around the sideview mirror!! And it was HUGE and LONG!!!!! Hahaha so of course we all start screaming our heads off (Hna Sosa had already unbuckled her seat belt and was half way in my lap hahaha) and I couldn't stop the car because there were tons of cars! So I just screamed TAKE A PICTURE, so you guys would have evidence haha, but after about a minute of screaming and Hna Madrigal struggling for the camera, the snake fell off the mirror into the street!!! Wow. Haha I still can't believe it happened. I still get chills! But really! It was SO big!! And so long and so gross and so close to us!! Luckily Hna Sosa didn't have the window open because it totally would have got into the car!! Now, how did it get there? Yeah, that's been our question all week haha! So I guess the members who live above us weren't kidding when they said check the car for snakes.. we'll be a lot more cautious the next time!  

Well, that's all I can think of right now. My companion hit her 1 year mark this week and we celebrated with some delicious gluten free cake :) And her birthday is next week so we'll be celebrating all over again! Things are good here in San Sebastian, the sun is hitting us super hard here that's for sure! And then, I think of the Arizona heat and then I can't even complain :) I hope all is going well with everyone!! Saludos de Puerto Rico!!

Hermana Holt

Yo, Madrigal, Watkins, Sosa

un año

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