Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 22: Hermana Sosa's feeling 22

Hola todo!! Well, on to the week! Things are going well with our 3 progressing investigators!! Even though Aurora and Peggy couldn't make it to church yesterday...gahhh.... Vicente came!!! He is so awesome!! And I think he liked it! This past week we taught the Word of Wisdom with them and it went super well! Peggy doesn't have any problems with it obviously, but Vicente drinks coffee. And has soon as we finished with the lesson he told us that he will not be drinking it anymore! Talk about determination!! And it was so funny haha cause the moment he got to church, the first thing he said was, I didn't drink coffee this morning!! Woo! They are so great. And Peggy expressed to us that she feels like she has received an answer. Progress!! Hermana Sosa and I are SO excited! With Aurora, she absolutely loves what we are teaching her and always reads and everything and has the biggest desire to receive an answer, but says she still hasn't yet. "But I go forward with faith!" she says, which is the perfect attitude! She wants to see a baptism before hers though.. so we are coordinating with the Elders of our District because they should have a baptism this week. Vamos a ver!
So, I have two more names to share with you guys! One is Ivan! Ivan is someone that we contacted and we've already taught him twice this week! He is almost blind, so with the Book of Mormon it can be hard, but he listens really well and takes everything in. When we talked about the Priesthood he was super interested also and has a desire to know! We are planning on bringing him to church this week!
The other is Janis. Janis's husband is actually the cousin of Hno Nunez (the member who lives above us), so family! Woo! But her husband Edgaurdo always happens to be out of the house when we are there.. but Janis is so awesome! She has a little bit of confusion with all the different churches and people who claim to be prophets, so this was a little bit hard for her to grasp when we taught the Restoration. But when we talked about the Book of Mormon, she seemed super interested to know and promised she would read it! So we'll see what happens with these two investigators this week! We're excited!

Also, our inactive family came to church again this week!! We ran into both the mom and the dad throughout the week and so we reminded both of them of church this Sunday! There are no coincidences ;) And, we also have a lesson planned with them this week. They are so great! And they speak English so that’s always great too :)
Well, it rained like CRAZY this week!! Which it hasn't done in a while so that was a surprise haha. Also, Hna Sosa turned 22 this week!! Woo!! Saturday night we had dinner, cake, and ice cream with the Nunez's! Super fun! Things are going good with the ward, Hna Sosa and I were actually able to have more member lessons this week which was so great! And also, a couple in our ward went to Florida this week to get their endowments and be sealed in the temple :) They have only been members for about 4 years or so, and are so awesome! Super strong in the Gospel! So everyone in the ward has been talking about that!! How us missionaries and the members here long for a temple in Puerto Rico!! But I know that as we work hard here, members and missionaries together, one day the Lord will bless us with a temple in Puerto Rico!! Talk about motivation, right?! Yay for missionary work! Have a great week everyone!

Hermana Holt

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