Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 23: 5 months!

Hola todo! So I don't have a lot of time, but this week was alright! I hit my 5 month mark... can you believe it?? Where has the time gone? And guess what? Transfers are this next week! They let us know Saturday... haha kinda scared but excited too! And sad because Hna Sosa and I know that we will most likely be seperated! But, vamos a ver!
Anyway, about our investigators. Sadly at the last minute, Peggy, Vicente, AND Aurora said they couldn't come to church. I literally about cried! But, we keep going! They all said that they will be able to next week, but that's what they said last week haha. Positive thoughts everyone!!! But other than that, the lessons with all 3 of them are just so fun and great, they all really have desires to change and learn more and more! Vicente still isn't drinking coffee, woo!! Even though he said he has gotten more headaches haha.. but all is well! We have had more members come and visit Aurora which I know is helping her in receiving her answer. Saturday night we went over to Peggy and Vicentes to make dinner! Hna Sosa made what she calls Baleadas, which is a food from Hondurus, super good! So it was fun to just bond with them!

We had some of the other people we are teaching drop us.. but we have been blessed with Ismael!! So I kinda got the names mixed up last week, oops! Ivan is Ismael haha, his friend's name is Ivan! Sorry! Anyway, our lesson with him Wednesday was incredible! I didn't even know what to say! Since he can't see, he is so receptive to the Spirit. At the end of the lesson he just told us, there is something different. He said that he can feel it and just feels that it's true. It was awesome!!! But, sadly, he works Sundays. Gah! So we'll have to work with that too!!

That's all I have time for, love you all! Have a great week everyone!! Be excited to hear about transfers!! :)

Hermana Holt
 5 month mark
 So excited to hit 5 months
 Making dinner at Peggy's
 fruit from a generous neighbor
 How my companion cooks
Surprise visit from Sister Howell before she heads back to Utah

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