Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 27: 6 months!

Hola a todos!!
Pues, six months DOWN, ONE YEAR to go!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, what a whirlwind these past 6 months have been, but how excited I am to know that I still have one year to serve the Lord!! I love being a missionary and I feel so blessed to wake up everyday and to put on my name tag and get to work! These past 6 months definitely have not been easy, but it's through the harder times where we are able to learn and grow; when we can put all of our trust in Him and everything turns out the way it needs to be! I still have a lot to learn here in the mission, so here to another year of the best 18 months of my life!! WOO!!
So, this week went by SUPER duper fast it's crazy!! But I am super excited because we are starting to really see miracles here in Juana Diaz! First of all, I don't think I've walked and contacted so much in my entire mission than I have in these past 3 weeks.. haha. En verdad, it was getting super hard for my companion and I, because in all those days walking, some days we wouldn't have any lessons and talk with almost no one! But, really the only thing that we can do is keep going, right? And now, here we are with 5 investigators!!!! Woo!! Heavenly Father definitely is preparing people here, and we hope that we are able to help them understand the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can bless them more than they could have ever imagined!! So, we'll see how this next week goes!!
I'll talk about two of them, Lucy and her husband! Lucy was a contact that we talked to about 2 weeks ago and told us to pass by everytime! When we passed by the first time she didn't have a lot of time, so we talked to her really fast, but oh my goodness she is SO sweet!!! And so receptive and willing to listen! They had the missionaries in their home about 10 years ago, so we'll see what happens this time! We stopped by again Sunday afternoon and this time her husband was home, score!! They are SUCH nice people and were totally open to everything we talked about. They have a lot of faith and really want to know which path really is the correct one. We gave them the Restoration Pamphlet and have plans to visit them this next Sunday (that's when the husband doesn't work) and I'm super excited!! They are in their 60's and also have a daughter who is the sweetest!! She gives us rides basically whenever we need it! I really hope everything goes well because they have great potential!
We also have a guy named Morgan. He also has talked about with the missionaries, but it's been a while too! He also is looking for that right path and is super confused why there are so many different churches and paths that people say you should take. We've only had one short lesson with him, but we have an appointment with him the next week, so we are praying that he will notice the difference and feel the truth of our message! It really is a message of joy!!
In both of these cases, I've noticed something. That they both have met with missionaries before! As I've thought about this, it gave me so much hope that all the people that my companion and I talk to here, if they don't accept it now, that doesn't mean that they won't later!! Everyone has their timing, and we just need to trust in our Heavenly Father, because He knows exactly when they need it!! That has given me more motivation to just talk with everyone, no matter what! Because who knows, the next time the missionaries talk to them, they might be ready!
Anyway, another detail this week, I really really really REALLY dislike mosquitos!!! I have over 40 bites on my legs! Yeahhh that's right! 40. Haha I am dying cause I keep itching! Oh, the talent show was super fun!! Us missionaries sang "En Mi Viejo San Juan"- a Puerto Rican classic, so everyone loved it!! Us missionaries color coordinated and everything! Good time!
So I hope all the women watched the Relief Society Coference because it was AMAZING!!! It was a little bit different for me because I had to watch it in Spanish, haha but from what I understood it was SO spiritually uplifting!! Love it. And I loved how basically it was all about our covenants and the temple!! How important they are!! Really, we can receive so much strength as we keep our covenants. And come on, how amazing is President Uchtdorf?? He makes me cry every time. We are all children of our Heavenly Father!! DON'T YOU FORGET THAT!!
Pues, I can't believe that we are already half way through this transfer... gahh!!! But all is well :) The church is true everyone!! Have a great week!! And don't forget that General Conference is this weekend!! I know that as we prepare ourselves, we will hear exactly what the Lord wants us to hear.
Hermana Holt

 the beauty of Puerto Rico is breathtaking

a quick car ride

 Happy birthday Hermana Ramos

 both celebrating: her bday and my 6month mark

WooHoo!  6 months

 falta 1 ano

 we get lots of free soda

 Juana Diaz sign

 another 3 kings statue

 me and my comp

 my comp celebrates one year

 our practice investigator

 "Pincho" follows us everywhere

 waiting for the wedding

the ceremony
 young women from the ward

 a stray horse

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