Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 26: Missionaries walk and walk and walk and walk

Hola a todos!

Pues, there isn't too much to say about this week, Hna Escobar and I are still trying to get the hang of things here. This week has been absolutely full to the brim of walking and contacting haha so we are absolutely exhausted! But luckily, our nights have been in the chapel because the ward started some activities! So Tuesday nights are Family History nights (taught by the missionaries), Wednesday we have mutual of course, and then Thursday nights they just started a Scripture Study night (also taught be the missionaries haha). But they just started them this week, so the turn out wasn't the best, but it was still fun!! I know that with time, more people will come!

So just as last week, this week we also have been trying to get to know the members more and we have actually been able to teach some less actives and a recent convert! One of the less actives, her name is Genesis and she is only 15 years old. She is such a sweetheart! Her mom was also baptized, but it's been a little bit harder to have her in the lessons. But anyway, the lesson we had with her was so precious. We shared a scripture with her, one that she was able to substitute her own name in, and the Spirit was super strong when she read it! As we were talking about what the significance of the scripture and what it meant to her, she expressed how she knew that what the missionaries had taught her and what she was learning in church was the right thing and that she did have a desire to do what was right, and that the moment she read the scripture she could feel the Spirit - Yay! So as we talked of course we took the opportunity and invited her to church this (past) Sunday, which she accepted! But sadly when we passed yesterday, she couldn't go. But! We have hope for this next week! We are just really hoping we can gain some more trust with the mom! Really, such a sweet family.

The recent convert is Celinette - oh my goodness she is such a doll! She is only 12 and got baptized about 8 months or so ago and attends church with her Gma who is a member. So none of her family are members! So, we have taken that opportunity as well and were able to get a hold of them yesterday! Her mom wasn't too surprised with us being there haha but the dad is more receptive and actually has read parts of the Book of Mormon and has gone to church, so hopefully everything goes well from here!

So this week we have the ward Talent Show and they want the missionaries to participate.. hahaha! Not sure what we are doing yet but I'm pretty sure I'll let you know about that next week!

We actually do have some appointments this week, so wish us luck with those!! Haha it's weird because my companion and I feel like we haven't taught a lesson in forever!! We have such a desire to help the work grow here in Juana Diaz, so we'll see what this week brings! All of our faith in the Lord, because right now that's all we can do!

SO excited for the Relief Society General Conference Session this Saturday and then General Conference next week!!! WATCH IT :)

Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Holt

 Sliced my finger on a nail

 More of the beautiful Juana Diaz

 broke through my first pair of shoes

using our jump ropes to hang our laundry

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