Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 25: Hola Juana Diaz

Hola a todos! Well, here I am writing from the beautiful pueblo of Juana Diaz!! Wow, this week has felt so long haha not sure why! So this is how the changes went. Basically, leaving San Sebastian was a lot harder than I thought it would be! And since we basically had one day to say our goodbyes, it was a lot of tears and way too fast. And even though I was actually super sad to leave, it's been super exciting with the change! So, Tuesday afternoon, I got picked up by the Sister Trainers, Hermana Boaz and Hermana Ramos and we headed for the Mission Office! When we got there we got to see all the newbie missionaries come in which was SO fun to see!! And to think that that was me 5 months ago, how crazy the time has gone!! And it was so funny because Hna Sosa, who had left with other Hnas a lot earlier than me, was at the office too and I got to see her new trainee (my sister!!)! So that was so great!! At the office I met my companion too, Hermana Escobar!!!! She is from Guatemala, has 11 months in the mission, and is SUCH a sweetheart!!!!! Seriously, I love her already and I'm definitely learning a lot!
So, there are 6 missionaries in Juana Diaz now! We live as 4 sisters in a house, us two with the Sister Trainers, and then there are two Elders here in the area as well. So this week has been a little complicated because they have never had 6 missionaries before, it has always been 4. So Hna Escobar and I have been starting from the very beginning, trying to get to know they area and just contacting, contacting, and contacting! We don't have an area book either so we are going to be starting a new one. We also started with the members list and we actually have received a lot of references for less actives, so I'm super excited! So yeah, we don't have any investigators at the moment haha but we are trying our best!! We are putting ALL of our trust and faith in the Lord and we are hoping for more success this coming week! Pues, church was pretty good, not a lot of members but they are all super fun and nice! I had to introduce myself and talk for a few minutes which is always fun haha but it went alright!!
Well, I guess there really isn't anything else to say! We are super excited to be working here because we know that there are people here waiting for the Gospel!! The Church is true everyone!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Holt

 Elder Alfaro (de California)
Elder Poroj (de Guatamala)
cutting down trees in our yard

 Hermana Boaz and I in front of our tree clippings

 Hermana Ramos with our groceries

 staute that talks about Juana Diaz

 our cute little house

 our sad little bookcase

 the sign for our urbanizacion

 the beautiful city

 Sister trainers: Hermana Boaz (de California) & Hermana Ramos (de Mexico) plus my cute companion Hermana Escobar (de Guatamala)

 our church building

the 3 Kings statue

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