Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 33: Activation and RAIN

Hola a todos!!!
Well, this week actually was a pretty good one, but November has come with a TON of rain!! Haha I remember at the end of October everyone was saying, oh once we are in November it's definitely going to rain! Haha they weren't kidding. Since literally the 1st of November, it has almost rained everyday!! Pouring rain and to top it off, lost of cold wind :) Haha even though it's refreshing that we aren't sweating 24/7, it's not the funnest to walk around with wet shoes hahaha but it's been a blessing!
So, I'm going to start with Morgan first. Things are definitely going well - he is still reading and praying really hard for his answer! He has been reading the Book of Mormon with the Bible too, which he says he really enjoys and he can really see how they go hand in hand! But, he won't be able to make it to church until he is done with his work at the end of the month. So, that definitely puts a set back on the baptismal date. We are kinda bummed, but we still feel super blessed for the opportunity to teach him and to see the changes in him already! He really has the biggest desire and he is actually super sad that he can't make it to church earlier! But we know that he is going to be a super strong in the Gospel, so that's what matters!!!! We do have a ward Thanksgiving get together in a couple weeks and he has plans to stop by so that will definitely help in his progression with getting to know more of the members!
So guess what?! We had a lot of success this week with some of the less actives! We had a change of plans, so we weren't able to teach all of the ones that we had planned, but we know Heavenly Father is still in charge! So, we met with a less active named Wanda. She is seriously such a sweetheart and we already have a lot of trust with her! The lesson was super spiritual and really tender for her. She explained to us what happened when she stopped going to church.. but even with those challenges, she still studies the Book of Mormon and prays everyday. And when she doesn't have to work Sundays, she does all she can to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. She told us that she strives to keep the commandments and to follow what she has learned as a member! It was kind of hard for us to understand why then wasn't she coming to church, when she knows that it's what she needs to do. But with the help of the Spirit, we were able to talk with her and of course did our best to invite her with all the love of our hearts and promised her the blessings of this commandment and blessing Heavenly Father has given us! She told us she would think about it. So the next morning, what do you know? There's Wanda with Sister Madeline walking into church!!!! It was awesome. She was a little bit quieter during church, but we are praying that she felt the Spirit!! We have another appointment with her this week! It really was a miracle.
We visitied another less active named Nellie. She is so darling!! She is 23 and only her and her dad were baptized. They have been inactive for about 10 years and right now her dad is in the States for work. So in the lesson it was just her and her mom, who is now our investigator!! But from what she explained, she knows a lot about the church and wasn't baptized because she wasn't able to make it to church a lot. But she has been to Stake Conference before with her husband and has read parts of the Book of Mormon! The lesson went really well and we are super excited to teach them! And we are really excited for Nellie because we are thinking that now is the time for her - she got really excited when she explained to us what she read in the Book of Mormon and said there is a lot of stuff that she is remembering. She just wants to prepare herself a little bit more before visiting church again. So, we are excited for them and are hoping that she will be able to help us teach the lessons to her mom!
Another less active is Rosa. What a sweetheart she is!! We were a little worried at first because she seemed a little hesitant with us when we made the appointment, but she totally was herself in the lesson!!! When she explained her baptism, we knew it was a special moment for her because of the way she explained it. I don't know about her, but I definitely felt the Spirit! But she has been inactive for 20 years now!! But little by little we are hoping to help her again feel the peace and the joy that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She was super excited when we have her a chapter to read from the Book of Mormon, so that's a good sign!!
So, we have finally moved into the new house! I'm not sure if I've explained that situation a lot, but we had a lot of.. house problems in the other one hahaha so now we are literally about a 20 second walk from the church!! Super nice :) We had planned on moving on Friday, but we had to move it to Saturday! So yes, we moved on my birthday!! Super fun actually and my companions are so sweet because they decorated the house with streamers and balloons and did a little surprise with all of the district!! They even made me a gluten-free cake :) Then we all went to lunch with Elder and Sister Eakle from the office, who were there helping us move!! It was a good day!
Well, that's all I have time for!! This week I had a lot of spiritual confirmations about the truthfulness of this Gospel. I know it's true. The Church is true!! Jesus Christ lives. Heavenly Father loves us! Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and we are still guided by prophets in these latter days. What an amazing thing we are apart of!!! Have a great week everyone :)

Hermana Holt

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