Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 32: A big surprise

Hola a todos!!

Well, this week was a bit of a surprise!! At first, it was a little frustrating because all week basically every single investigator that we went to, they either weren't there, or they had to cancel. So there we were walking and walking.. and walking, praying to know what to do. Well, Heavenly Father definitely knows the area and the people more than we could ever know! So, one day this week, we decide to go contacting in a neighborhood that we have only been through a couple times. So for a start, we took the ward list and starting looking for los menos activos! As we are searching for a street, one of the active members in our ward walks outside of his house, so of course we say hi and he invites us in so we can say hi to his wife! And to our surprise, with Sister Madeline, there is a less active that we have trying to get in contact with since the DAY we got here!! There they were just talking and it turns out they are basically best friends! We were able to have a mini lesson with them and we have an appointment with her this week :) What a blessing and definitely a surprise for us!

So we continue walking afterwards when we find another house of a less active. We don't even have time to say Buenas Tardes when the wife sees us and starts saying, awe hello!! So sorry, we don't have time right now but you guys can totally stop by this next week!! So we have an appointment with her (who isn't a member) and her husband this week! :) IT DOESN'T END HERE! The house across the street from them, we start talking to a guy outside and it turns out his wife was the other less active who we were looking for :) Hahaha so he calls her outside and we talked to her and have an appointment with them this week also!! Can you believe that? We have been praying really hard to find the people that can really help strengthen the ward. And it's crazy to think that the people that Heavenly Father wanted us to be in contact with this week weren't necessarily our investigators, but the members who for some time were in the church but for some reason haven't been a part of it. Not sure how all these lessons will go, but we are praying for the best!! 

Also, we had been praying all week that Morgan would be able to finish all of his work so that he could make it to church. And what a blessing that it was fast Sunday! Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it and I kid you not, the SECOND we finished our fast, he called and had to cancel the lesson that was planned for that night. Are you serious?! I almost cried because I seriously was thinking, what happened?! So, we had a change of plans and walked a pretty long distance to the house of a contact we had talked to a while ago that said the best times were Sundays. And once we got there, nothing. Wow! I didn't even know what to think when my companion thought, why don't we go next door and ask. So, we went and a guy walked out and said, it's the Elders! Haha um, we are actually called Hermanas! Hahaha he was like, oh yeah that's right - I used to go the LDS church, I was a member for 7 years before I moved.


So this guy and 3 other people in his family were baptized when they lived in Ponce and was a strong member for 7 years, but he told us with some family problems, he moved here to Juana Diaz and just wasn't able to come to our ward because of work and because he said he didn't know anyone. So we had a really good lesson with him and oh my goodness he totally has a testimony and everything!! We have an appointment with him and his mom this week also, and he said that if he can, he will try to make it to church this Sunday! Oh wow, we are praying super hard for that!! The Lord also blessed us because we ran into Morgan that day and he said that we can stop by Tuesday! So all is well!!

This week definitely was a week of miracles with the less actives. They are still part of the work!! I know Heavenly Father is in charge of every aspect of it.

Saturday we also had a fun service project because it was the international day of service!! So every ward here in Puerto Rico had a service project and we got to help clean and paint a school for little kids called Head Start! It was SO fun and awesome and if the computer works I'll try and send pictures!!

Well, that's all for now. Sometimes the Lord directs us in ways He knows we need to go even when we might not want to, or we just have no idea why. Trust in Him!! It will always turn out in the best way, His way.

Love you all, have a great week!!

Hermana Holt

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