Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 31: 7 months

Hola a todos!
Ok, so this week definitely took a turn on us! Wednesday morning my poor companion woke up with a terrible fever and could barely walk! She has Chikungunya. Chikungunya is a virus here right now in Puerto Rico that is spread by mosquitos and it is not a fun thing! So, we spent 4 days in the house. But not to worry! She is doing a lot better and she has been able to walk a lot more - my companion is a trooper!!
So, with that being said, we didn't have a lot of lessons this week, BUT we did have see a miracle with Morgan... he accepted a baptismal date for November 22nd!!!!!! AH! We are so excited!! It's so crazy because he really knows that all the things that we are teaching him is true, and he has the biggest desire to be closer to Christ. So we were super confused the last week when he wasn't super sure on a specific date. But at the end of the lesson we had this week with him, he finally accepted a specific date! So of course, we are going to working super duper hard that he feels prepared and ready! He told us that he wants to be super duper sure, so he wants to attend church. Pues, claro!! But, with Stake Conference yesterday and him having to work, he couldn't make it. And he told us that he would at the beginning of November he would move his work around so that he was able to attend. So prayers for this weekend! He said that if he can get everything done, he will try this week but if now, for sure next week. Woo!!
So we had Stake Conference this weekend and it was amazing! Elder Claude R. Gamiette, one of the Area Authorites of the Carribean Area, came and spoke! Wow, he was awesome and gave us a lot of excitement to work even harder together - members and missionaries. And really, the work of the Lord cannot be done without missionaries AND members. It's the truth! We are all missionaries and have a responsibility to share what we know and believe. It shouldn't be because someone is forcing us to, but because we have such a love for the Gospel, for the Savior, and for the people around us, that we want them to experience all the blessings that we have seen and felt in our lives! There is a reason that missionary work is something that is talked about so much. Heavenly Father needs our help in rescuing His children. There are so many people in this world who need the Light of Christ, who need hope. There are so many people who are praying with all their faith for something more. And that is something we have. Shouldn't we share that with others? I know that as members and missionaries work together, the Lord will pour out his blessings on every single one of us and that miracles will be seen. I hope that everyone will strive to be a missionary this week, whether that is going to a lesson with the full-time missionaries, or just sharing a testimony with a friend! As we learn here in the mission and I know it applies to everyone as well, no effort is lost - it is all worth something.
Anyway, that's all for right now! Hopefully lessons will be better this week and that there will be some more exciting news next week!! Have a great week everyone!!

Hermana Holt

7 months down (the piece of paper)
11 months to go (the number of people in the picture)

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