Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 29: the work is growing in Juana Diaz

Hola a todos!!
So yesterday was a holiday or something here in Puerto Rico, so the library wasn't open to write! But this week we had some awesome lessons and I'm super excited to talk about them!!
So, first I want to talk about Morgan - not sure if I have talked about him yet but he definitely has potential!! He has a big desire to know the truth, which makes him super humble when it comes to asking in prayer! When we taught the Restoration, he took it really well and was super open to Joseph Smith. But earlier when we were talking about the Bible with him, which he has a TON of faith in, we knew he was going to probably have some trouble with the Book of Mormon. We prayed all week in preparation for this lesson on the Book of Mormon (to be honest, I was a little nervous myself) and luckily, we were able to have a member present. The lesson went SO well!! Morgan and one of the Hermanos in our ward had things to talk about after like the first minute and the member ended up teaching more of the lesson than we did! The member served a mission as well so he had all these explanations and stories that helped with the lesson! It was awesome!! And when we invited Morgan to say the closing prayer, and to specifically ask Heavenly Father in this prayer if these things were true, we all kneeled down and he asked in the most sincere way!! And, he should be coming to church this Sunday! Woo!! We are hoping for the best!
Another investigator with potential is Carlos! He is an older guy who actually lost his wife a while back, but has the most faith I have ever seen in one person!! He has complete faith that the Lord is control of every aspect of life!! So, that's of course awesome, and we definitely talk about faith in every part of the Gospel that we teach! He has been sick this past week, but promised to come to church with us this Sunday so we are praying!!
We haven't been able to teach Lucy and her husband yet and it's making me sad!! We were supposed to have our lesson Sunday but they had to go to Ponce, so hopefully this week! But get this!! So I don't know if you guys remember about Celinette, the YW who was just baptized, and that we went to go visit her family? Well, when we vistied, the mom was definitely not happy with us there.. but we decided to pass again and oh my goodness!!! We have NO idea what happend, but when we stopped by she was smiling and laughing and it was like all of us were old friends.. how crazy is that?! Crazy amazing!! And now, we have an appointment with them this Saturday :) It's super exciting!!
Well, this week is the last week of the transfer, can you believe it? To be honest, we have no idea what changes are going to happen this transfer, but we are both hoping to stay! The work here is starting to grow! But whether we stay or not, we are super excited for all the work that is happening here in Juana Diaz!!! Have a great week everyone!!
Hermana Holt

 2nd pair of shoes down

 Yikes! That's what walking and moisture will do

We decided to take Elder Uchtdorf's advice and enjoy the blessings

 Our Stake President's wife is so good to me.  She keeps me stocked!

 Hermana Escobar's birthday

 My district in Juana Diaz
Elders:de Oleo, Diaz, Sepulveda, Alfaro, McGary & Poroj
Hermanas: Yo, Boaz, Ramos, Escobar

 Hey look!  My mom grew up in Los Angeles

 I'll forever be grateful for the beauty of Puerto Rico

 My cute companion is always packing her pepper spray

These frappes are divine.  This one is strawberry guineo.

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