Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 14: 3 months-Just keep walking

So last week I hit my 3 MONTH mark!! Wow, I can't believe it! Sometimes it feels like I've been here for like 5 or 6 haha but I'm glad that I'm still in my early months, and I actually really enjoy training!! My companion is a rockstar!! Oh and guess what? We got a call yesterday from our new Mission President!! Ahh he is so great! When I talked to him the first thing he said was, Sister Holt, we have something in common! We are both from the great state of Arizona!! Haha he is SO cool!! We have a zone conference tomorrow and are going to meet them and I'm so excited!

So, this week was another slow week with the investigators. Almost all of our appointments canceled this week which was super difficult, but it gave us the opportunity to find and run into some less actives!! Heavenly Father is always in charge! There are soo many less actives in this ward which is super sad. And as missionaries we are here to strengthen the ward as well! So we chose one of the less actives that comes every once in a while and started walking to where we thought she lived. 2 and 1/2 hours later.. walking... we found her! Woo!! Haha I don't think I've ever been so tired in my whole life, my feet were killing me! And it happened to be the hottest day of the week!! But that's beside the point! Anyway, when we found her she was smoking... NOOO!!! As we were talking to her we found out she has really really fallen away, but she told us that she sincerely has a desire to come back. She doesn't have a car so she used to get a ride to church from the Mission Leader but she said she didn't want to bug him for a ride every sunday. We talked to her about the power of the Atonement and afterwards she said she would call the Mission Leader for a ride to church! In all honestly, we weren't sure if she would, but we were praying for her that she would. And what do you know, there she was sitting at church with us yesterday!! It was great! We also met another less active who lives with just her 8 year old daughter (who literally looks just like Megan!). She was a little hesitant at first with us showing up at her door, but then my companion started asking her about her baptism, which was about 10 years ago. Slowly, I could see the Spirit working in her as she talked about how special it was for her! We asked her about church and it's hard for her because she works everyday. But we have another appointment with her this week :) so hopefully we can help her! As we were leaving though she simply said, thank you. Awe! I know it wasn't us though, it was definitely the Spirit!

We do have 3 progressing investigators though!! Woo!! One of them is the husband of one of the members in our ward and he is awesome!! Our second lesson with him this past week we asked him how his reading went (we asked him the read the introduction to the BofM in the first lesson) and he was like, well I really liked this and this and this part and how there are all these testimonies from these men and I know that this book is true...... Um, come again? Haha oh my goodness!! He literally read allll of the introduction, the testimonies of the 11 witnesses and the testimony of Joseph Smith, and he said that he knew it was true!! Hna Sosa and I literally didn't know what to say and I'm pretty sure we smiled the entire lesson! When we extended the bautismal date though he said he still wanted to learn a lot more before he committed... GAH! So we are working on that :) But it is exciting! Our other 2 are the daughter and mom! They had some family things last week so we didn't get to visit them a lot, but we keep in contact with her throughout the week! The daughter has been reading and she says she knows it's true. Ah!! We have FHE with them tonight so we'll see how it goes!!

Anyway, Hermana Sosa and I are really excited for this week and are ready to work super hard!! We are just hoping that our investigators are actually at their houses.. hahaha oh my gosh!! This week was so weird because we literally had people RUN away from us so that we wouldn't talk to them!! What's up with that?!?! Haha I don't even know. Well, have a good week everyone!!

Love, Hermana Holt

3 month mark

tired after walking

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