Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 41: Hola De Arecibo-I've moved and I'm training

Hola a todos!!

Well, you're not going to believe what happened this week.. so on Tuesday morning we had just started our companion study when Presidente Boucher called! So I answered it and this is kind of how the conversation went..

Hi President how are you?

I'm great, how are you guys?

We are super great!

Well, Hermana Holt, it looks like I'm going to have to "break up the band"... Some missionaries are going home early in time for school to start and so we are going to need one of you three to come down to Arecibo. Hermana Dawid (who was in Arecibo) is one of the missionaries going home and we need one of you to finish training her new companion. With a lot of prayer and thought, it's you...


Can you just imagine what I was feeling in that moment?? So, HOLA DE ARECIBO!! Basically I spent New Years Eve in Juana Diaz, and New Years Day in Arecibo haha. I feel so bad for Presidente because all I did was bawl my eyes out over the phone haha - tears of all different kinds of emotions! Anyway, yup! So here I am with my new companion Hermana Lara from the Dominican Republic! They were able to finish her 12 Weeks Program in 10, but I have been made the senior companion in an area that I know nothing about! But, I've only heard the best things of this area!! And it's so true, I already love it so much even though these past few days have been super long and kind of a blur haha it's funny because I feel like Hna Lara is the one training me! I've had to put a lot of faith in the Lord and a lot of patience in myself these past 4 or 5 days, but I have already been able to see miracles here in the area and as me in a missionary. Heavenly Father is SO loving and SO aware of every single once of us and our circumstances.

So, Tuesday (my last day in Juana Diaz) was mostly spent packing and getting things together. We did have time for some lessons which was good, but we weren't able to see half of the people I wanted to and I feel terrible because I wasn't able to say bye to the members!! Everything went super duper fast haha. But, the Lord answered my prayer the moment I saw my new companion in the mission office. She is an ANGEL and came pre-trained!! She is a missionary in every single aspect and loves the work more than anything! She has so much energy and enthusiasm and love for the people. I absolutely LOVE being with her and she has already taught me a ton!!!

Let me tell you about a miracle we've already had! So our first day working together, we taught a family that Hna Lara and Dawid had just got into contact with the Sunday before. The wife is less active and her husband and three kids (17, 21, 22) aren't members. They had taught them about the family and they were super receptive. So, when we stopped by (the dad was working this time) we watched a video about the family and temples. It went super duper well!! The mom still has a strong testimony and I know her kids can feel it! So we invited them to church this sunday and they ALL came as a family!!! All 5 of them!! And it was fast and testimony meeting which was so perfect!! We think they really liked it so we'll see how the next lesson goes this week :)

Anyway, that's all I have time for right now!! I'm sure I'll have more news for you next week :) Love you all and Happy New Year!!!!


Hermana Holt

Glorie-Such a sweetheart and a huge example

Farewell lunch at Jenelley's

Sweet little Paola

I'm going to miss Hermana Luz so much!

I love my trio! It was a fast goodbye

The benefit of Arecibo

Could it be more beautiful?

My new companion Hermana Lara

Our beautiful family of investigators

The Bishop's daughter

Hermana Lara is so cute and fun

She is an angel

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