Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 46: Fasting is REAL

Hola a todos!!

Fasting is REAL and I know it works!! Hermana Lara and I experienced a miracle this week and we are super excited for the weeks to come!

So, a little background. Remember how two weeks ago we had an investigator, Jennifer, come to church with her two little kids? Well, we weren't sure what happened but after that Sunday, we lost contact with her. We passed by her house and she wasn't there or she was leaving, we called her and she either didn't answer or said she didn't know. My heart was broken because we had no idea what happened! But we did what we could and tried to pass when we could. So this past Saturday we started our wonderful fast and then that night, we were at Margaritas house and she was actually pumped up to go to church the next day. I'm talking that she bought a dress and everything! This was a HUGE step because we feel like she keeps going backwards and backwards and hasn't made a lot of effort to keep her commitments, which has been super sad to see. Well, yesterday morning she told us that she wasn't feeling good to go. NOO!! Hna Lara and I were so sad, and I seriously thought, what more can we do for our investigators? So we continued our day and actually received a lot of comfort at church. The spirit was super strong especially in Sacrament Meeting when the members shared their testimonies! I could really feel the fast working and the Lords love for me even with everything that has been happening with our investigators and less actives. Here's when the miracle happened. When the closing prayer finished, one of the Elders quickly came to us and said, Sisters, I think one of your investigators is in the back..

Who in the world came? Margarita? Who could it be?


It was JENNIFER with her two kids!!!! I almost started jumping up and down and almost couldn't hold in my tears!! Heavenly Father answers prayers!! He is SO in charge of this work it's ridiculous!! Now get this, she, by herself with her two kids, had walked (in HIGH heels I might add) to Sacrament Meeting from her house. WALKED. Now that's desire, right? I just can't believe that even with two weeks without seeing her she made the effort to come to church!! So we took the opportunity right after to have a lesson with her in the church with one of the recent converts that we are teaching, Brenda! Her and her son who were just baptized in October shared their conversion and it was super spiritual!! And don't worry, the members gave her a ride home! But wow. I wish you could have heard it when Jennifer said the closing prayer, she gave thanks to our Heavenly Father because even though she wasn't sure if they were going to make it that morning, they were able to because she knew God was helping them. WOW! So not only does God answer our prayers as missionaries, but He answers every single one of our investigators prayers too. I just know it!!

Now it doesn't stop there. Later in the day it happened to start raining and we forgot our umbrellas.. haha.. and we happened to walk down Jennifers street when she saw us and says, do you want to come in?? Uhhh claro que si!! So we taught her and her mom :) WOW! I just hope that we can continue seeing miracles with her. She is SO ready to hear the Gospel and I know it's going to bless her and her kids SO much!!

We also had another miracle because POR FIN we were able to teach Elsa and her three kids. They are the family that came to church my first Sunday. And it is super duper hard to teach them because they have work and school and homework and everything it seems like haha but we were able to catch them and share with them the Book of Mormon. Powerful!! Elsa gave such a beautiful testimony and shared how she knew the BofM was true! Wow!! Anddd yet they still aren't sure about getting up early to go to church if their mom can't go... but we are hoping and praying that little by little they'll be able to each make that decision for themselves. They are such an amazing family!! 

Well, that's all I have time for this week! I love being a missionary so so much. I can truly see the hand of the Lord in every part of the missionary work here in Arecibo! It's the best! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Holt 

My beautiful investigator Jennifer

Jennifer and her kids, Kimberly and Victor

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