Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 48: Staying and Training

Hola a todos!!

Well, transfers are tomorrow and guess what..?? I'M GOING TO BE TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my cute Hermana Lara is headed for Trujillo Alto!!! We are SUPER shocked but at the same time we felt that there was a change coming.. Hahaha of course I am completely shocked because I was NOT thinking training!! But at the same time, I'm super excited! Wow. Ah!!! Tomorrow we have a meeting for all the trainers and then I should be picking my "daughter" up at like 5 or so. I'm so excited to meet her!!

This past week we had our Zone Conference and it was AMAZING!! I love being a missionary so so much, I just want to be a missionary forever!! There are still so many things I need to learn and so many things I want to accomplish!! I'm praying that in these next 7 months I'll be able to do that! We focused a lot on our purpose as missionaries and the word invite. As we continually invite others to come unto Christ, we are able to help them change and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Hermana Boucher also talked to us about Family History and the book called My Family. Get it and fill it out!! In these next months we are going to be trying as missionaries to focus on our Family History (obviously we can't do a lot) - but we each received a copy of My Family and began filling it out!! We felt the Spirit of Elias SO much and I testify that it is real! How loving is our Heavenly Father that we are able to do the work for our ancestors? That we are able to also learn about them and link families together for eternity? I just love it all! And I'm not sure if I told you last week but a contact contacted us and is super interested in doing her Family History and we've already been able to visit with her and has been in contact with members about the Family History Center we have at our ward building. How cool?! It's such a great way to bring others to the Restored Gospel. And really, doing Family History is SO important and really should be big apart of our lives. And I love something that Hermana Boucher said, that as missionaries we are a apart of the Work of Salvation, not just Missionary Work!

This week we had a miracle! Haha well after the Zone Conference we felt like we were just on a spiritual high! We were invincible haha! Right after we had a lesson with an investigator that we weren't sure if she was progressing or if she really had a lot of interest.. but we taughet her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went SO well! She was super receptive and paid a lot of attention and everthing!! So at the end of the lesson I had the impression to invite her... Invite her to what?? So, I just looked at her and said, Theresa, when you pray and come to know that these things are true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the authority of God? ....silence..... then she says, YES!! Uhhh huh?! Haha it was SO cool!! We haven't set up a date but we have a lesson with her this week so we're praying it goes well!!  

We continue to see little blessings and miracles every day. How grateful I feel to wear the missionary plaque that says his name, Jesus Christ. Wish me luck this week with the transfers!! I'm a little more than sad that Hermana Lara is leaving - she has taught me so many things and I am forever grateful for her example! But I know she is going to work miracles throughout her mission! The mission continues and I hope and pray that now I'll be able to help my new daughter see how much I love and the Lord loves Arecibo!! Have a great week everyone!!

Hermana Holt

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