Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 77: We are all a family

Hola a todos!!

Gahhh time is going by WAY too fast!! I can't believe this is my last full week!! Heavenly Father has been so good to me in my mission. I can't thank Him enough for the experiences He has given me that has brought me up to this point! This past week was a good one, we had some great experiences! 

First, there is a member in our ward, her name is Silivia and let me just say I LOVE Hna Silvia!! She's already served 2 missions (being a senior sister missionary) and she wants to serve another haha and she's almost 70!! Well, she went out with us and all of our plans fell through.. so you know what she says to us before we can say anything? Let's start contacting!! HAHA we were dying!! I love this lady!! And she spent the whole afternoon, WALKING, and knocking on doors, and teaching lessons with us - now that is a faithful member of the church :) And let me tell you this lady has NO fear whatsoever, she would literally get up as close as she could to these houses and yell with her strong voice, BUEENNAAAAS! Some people accepted us more than others haha but it was so fun! See? We can all be missionaries! Make sure you give the missionaries a hand this week, they would love to have members come and contact with them, or just be in a lesson and support the investigators and less actives! If you've never done it, DO it! It is ALL of our responsibility!

A while ago I think I had mentioned a family we had found, Josefina and her kids. Well, after a few weeks of losing some contact, we finally got to see them, and I truly think it's time for them to accept the Gospel! Just last week her dad passed away, and she's been trying to raise her 3 kids with not much help from her husband. We were able to share a little bit with her, and Hna Silivia came too :) and it's amazing what kind of spirit comes into the home as you talk about the family - what an amazing knowledge we have of the Plan of Salvation! Just yesterday Hna Silvia had told us that the 14 year old daughter was talking to Hna Silvia later that day (they are neighbors) and that they are making plans to come to church this week!! YAY! We are praying for a miracle, and we are excited to see what happens!

Stake Conference was AMAZING! And our Stake President Rosa, who is only 31, is absolutely incredible. We had a super cool theme of missionary work through our temple work. But how if we don't have a temple?? Pte Rosa said something amazing that I loved, The construction of the temple already has begun in our hearts.. it all starts with the desire to have a temple, and than doing all we can, acting on our faith, to get one! And since we don't have one here, it all starts with our Family History work. Awesome, right? I wish I could have recorded his talks! So for all of you who have a temple close, GO. Receive those beautiful blessings that the temple brings, and help those people who have already passed on, our own family and others (because we all are a family) to receive those same blessings. Heavenly Fathers Gospel and plan are perfect!!

Have a great week :)

Hermana Holt 
The wonderful senior couples
The Porters and Eakles 

 Ya, I'm stuffed

The building of the temple begins in your hearts 

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