Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 78: This is it! The Final letter & Katie's testimony

Hola a todos!

Well, this is it. I've been thinking about what I am going to say and to be honest, I don't even think I have the words! Finishing the mission has been probably one of the hardest, most emotional things ever. It is absolutely incredible to me how fast time goes - I feel like I just entered the mission field yesterday and it is crazy to think that it has already passed! But of course, something that the Lord has taught me in the mission and especially these past few days is that he doesn't just need full-time missionaries for a couple of years, but he needs disciples forever. I will be forever grateful for the time I had to serve as a full-time missionary. It's something that I truly don't ever want to stop doing, and it's hard to think that I'll be leaving a place I've come to love so much and people that I adore! In these past 18 months I've learned A LOT of things haha more than I think I can count! But more than anything, I've truly seen and felt how much our Heavenly Father loves us. It's completely mind-blowing and yet so simple! We have a Father in Heaven who loves us with a love more deep than we can understand. Sometimes, we might think, why don't I feel it? He must not love me because I don't seem to be receiving any blessings. But, that's just what Satan wants us to think - trust me. And it's not true! In our times of trial, in our times of despair, Heavenly Father is just waiting and waiting and pleading that we will just turn to Him! And when we do that, when we recognize all the small blessings, when we take that step of faith, we realize that He is always by our side and never leaves. The secret (not that it is or ever has been) is faith. Everyday for the past 18 months I've had to put it into practice - and let me say that it wasn't always easy! There were some days where literally I would just think, why? Where's the progress? Where are the miracles? What should we do? Rarely did I ever receive a direct answer, and so I had to act on faith! And I will be forever grateful for that, because I learned to truly rely on the Lord and take a step of faith. I testify that faith works. It's an eternal principle, even the first principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I testify that he lives and that he loves us. That he came to earth, preached the Gospel, lived a perfect life, atoned for us and was resurrected! As I've studied about the Restored Gospel I've come to realize truly how important our Savior is. We literally cannot to anything without him! So we are very wise to strive to live how he lived, and I promise you, there is joy in living the Gospel! I know with all of my heart that Heavenly Father restored the true Gospel and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God!! The priesthood has been restored and we can know that families are forever!! In the mission, there has been nothing more sweet than to testify of forever families! Another thing that I will never be tired of saying is that we have a living prophet today that is guiding us! He does receive revelation from God! The Book of Mormon is true. There is such a powerful spirit when you read it!! Prayers are heard, and miracles do happen. We have all been called to preach the Gospel to everyone!! I promise that there is nothing greater that we can do!! Never give up on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is WORTH IT!! It is all worth it, no matter what happens. There are blessings God wants to give us if we just turn to Him. I'm grateful for Him and for His love. 

Thank you for all the love and support given!! I have truly felt many prayers for me, and for the people here. Can't believe I'm saying this, but see you soon!!

Hermana Holt
My final day with my final companion 

My beautiful Dominicans

 Hermana Halling

 Oh, ya know, just getting some avocados after church

 Hermana Patino with Hermana Dora

 Hermana Silvia who went contacting with us

 Mi Hermana Quenia
 With Hermana Marte and Lauriana

 The Logsdons-the sweetest family

With Vivian Logsdon

 It was hard saying goodbye-Hermana Giovanna


  1. This touched me so much. Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to keep the faith! You are an amazing human being and I wish you all the best sweetie!! Safe travels!

  2. I know what you feel like. I like never forget my last week in the mission. Thank you for your testimony and for your example! Love you bye!