Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 76: Final District Meeting

Hola a todos!! 

Yesterday was Labor Day so we are writing today :) Haha and you are not going to believe what our district did to me and Hna Van Kammen this morning! Well, today was my last District Meeting because next week is Zone Conference so they decided to throw us a little "surprise"! I was a little nervous because the past transfers we've stuffed the Elders faces in whipped cream haha and I was not ready for that! We had just finished talking about the Spirit when our District Leader says, Ok Hna Van Kammen and Hna Holt you two are going to be blind folded, and you have to follow the voice of the "Spirit" to the other side of the room - the rest of us will distract you with loud noises. HAHA nice try! I knew they were up to something but we just went with it! And they weren't kidding about the loud noises haha there we are trying to walk to the other side of the room, trying to listen for the still, small voice when POP POP POP.. balloons popping everywhere!!! When we both got to the other side there was just silence.. so we both took off our blindfolds and there was the whole district in front in a line and they start to sing, Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos.. or God Be With You Til We Meet Again.. Wow! How amazing is my district? It was a really touching moment. 

We got some new investigators this week and had a lot of success contacting so I know the Lord is aware of this area and wants it to succeed! Now lets just see if we can get these people to church!! It seriously has been such a struggle with these people and we aren't sure why.. but this week we have Stake Conference, lets see if they'll come to that! But things are good :) I've felt a lot this week the love the Lord has for me and for the people we are teaching. I've also felt the power of prayer and of fasting. Also, there is power when we bear our testimony! It strengthens our own. Anyway, can't wait to let you know how Stake Conference goes! Have a great week everyone!!

Hermana Holt

 Just before the rain


 some of the reasons we gain weight here

 final district meeting
 there is something going on here

 Saying our goodbyes

 the elders wore black ties in honor of our funeral

Are you kidding me?  Four days after I leave!

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