Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 75: 17 miracle months

Hola a todos!!

So it's begun, the final countdown!! Haha but believe it or not, all of the members and investigators are the ones that keep reminding me, it's ridiculous!! But, luckily the work keeps me focused so everything is great :)

Sorry I'm writing so early, and I won't be able to say much - we have a Zone Activity a little later today and all I heard is that it involves Minute to Win it games and kickball.. haha so this should be interesting!!

Well, this week was super funny and a little weird because Puerto Rico was expecting a hurricane, and then a "big" tropical storm and we ended up with basically nothing haha. Well, at least on our part of the Island! I do know that some of the small islands got rained on pretty hard, but by the time it came up to us it had already settled down a lot. The hardest thing for us was, all the Puerto Ricans were expecting something and so NO one was leaving their house! NO one wanted to do anything, just locked in their house! So, a little slow lesson wise, but we were blessed with some rain so that's the miracle! 

We had some crazy lessons this week, crazy as in lots of questions! We've got some new investigators that are just drilling down questions, mostly related with the Book of Mormon! They aren't doing it to be mean or anything, which is nice, but they've been reading a lot which is great! I've just been reminded how important it is to have the Spirit teach the lessons. He's the one that brings the peace and testifies of the truth to these people! We may not know the answer to everything, but Heavenly Father has give us many ways to know the truth of all things - one of the most important being prayer and through the Holy Ghost! What a blessing! 

We had a little ward game night and you won't believe it, but Quenia actually brought her husband!! I haven't talked much about him, but let's just say he isn't that interested in our message! When we first met him he didn't even say hi to us, but he's warmed up a lot. And it was such a great surprise to see him come!! Now that is a miracle!!

Sorry I've got to go! Remember that the Lord loves us and is so aware of everything we are going through. I've definitely have felt His love and support in these past few days! Have a great week!

Hermana Holt
 One last sign

The church's bathroom water system

Ward game night

Hermana Patino killing it at dominos


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