Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 74: One more month

Hola a todos! 

Super fast week this week, it feels like I was just writing yesterday! This week we had a lot of different things going on so it kept us busy! Love it! This week we had our intercambios and I got to go to Trujillo Alto for the day and work with Hermana VAN KAMMEN!! It was so fun to be able to work with a sister I've known since Day 1!! And now we are finishing the mission together, at least in the same district, how cool is that? I absolutely love intercambios because you totally get to see how the Lord is working miracles in different parts of the island! It's definitely a true work :) That's why it works!! We were able to find and teach a new family, and the Spirit just filled the room! I know for a fact that it's the Spirit that does the heart changing. It was a super fun experience too because a member came with us and even went out contacting with us! Haha it's super fun to see a Puerto Rican contacting Puerto Ricans!! Try contacting with the missionaries one day, it's fun and they would love the help! 

Super cool experience!! About 2 weeks ago we had contacted a lady and she told us that we could come back. So we past by when she told us to and she said she was busy and that we should come back later.. we were a little hesitant because she didn't seem too sincere, but I don't know why, I just felt the need to go back! So, for the 3rd time we go back determined to teach her, and she let us in! Her name is Irene and we hit it off right away! Her husband Gabriel even joined us in the lesson and we immediately got talking about the Book of Mormon, great topic right? :) It was such a fun lesson, they had a lot of great questions and were super receptive to the message of the Restoration. They both go to an iglesia Evangelica but were super open to reading the Book of Mormon! We are excited to go back this week and see them! 

Not sure what you've heard, but basically what everyone has been talking about this past week is a hurricane that apparently has been off the coast of Puerto Rico for quite some time and supposedly we should be getting a ton of rain this week.. not sure how true it is because every one is saying different things!! But we need the rain! So we'll see what happens haha

Last thing, QUENIA IS REACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? She had her interview yesterday with the bishop and now she has the calling of working in the library until she heads to Texas!! What a miracle we have seen with her!! I still clearly remember the day when Hna Ahlander and I first met her and she straight up told us that she would never be going back to church, at least not for a long time.. and yet here she is!! And with a testimony, wow, incredible of our Savior and of the scriptures!! We stopped by this past week and she just looked at me and expressed to me how much her testimony has strengthened and how much she has grown and changed as a person, just by reading the scriptures and the words of our modern day prophets. There are no words to explain the joy I felt as I heard her testify to me! I've been really blessed to see the progress of many less actives in my mission and I can say that the one thing that really made a difference in all of their conversions, was their desire to read the scriptures - especially the Book of Mormon. I think I've said this a thousand times in the mission and I will keep saying it, the Book of Mormon changes lives! It changes our temporal perspective to an eternal one. It changes our attitude and reverence toward our Savior. It changes our way of thinking to a way that then changes our actions. Our Heavenly Father truly loves us because He has given us this tool to fill our lives with more joy than we can imagine! 

Have a great week everyone!

Hermana Holt
 Reunited with Hermana VanKammen

 We got a little bit fried

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