Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 72: Final Transfer: Staying in Guaynabo

Hola a todos!!

So as I mentioned last week, we had a Mini Missionary with us, Hermana de Jesus!! Wow it was so fun to be in a trio again, it's been a while!! Some missionaries aren't a big fan of trios but Heavenly Father has helped me learn to love them, more testimony givers :) Anyway, it was a good week and even though Hermana Patino and I were kinda nervous about it, she ended up loving it!! Of course, who doesn't love spending every minute sharing the Gospel?? We made her walk.. quite a bit.. hahaha but she was a super good sport and had a lot of patience with Hermana Patino and I :) She has such a powerful testimony. It was so amazing to hear her conversion story. She got baptized just 2 years ago and wow. I am completely amazed with the youth of this church! They just shine!! Her gradparents were baptized first, than her with her mom and her brother (who was also serving a Mini Mission) and just this past February her dad took the discussions and was baptized! A whole family!! They are planning on going to the temple next year, can you hear anything more amazing than that? She definitely got us pumped in finding a family! Our goal really is the temple!!

Well, transfers are tomorrow and Hermana Patino and I are STAYING IN GUAYNABO!!!!! Wow, I never thought it would come to the day when I would say that this is my LAST transfer. Trust me, in missionary time, one transfer is like nothing haha it goes by so fast. SO you know what that means? Work harder than ever!! Hermana Patino and I are so ready. 

This past week we met an old investigator from the Area Book who actually is the daughter of a member here and it went super well!! I feel like she has a lot of potential! It was a super spiritual lesson and she had a lot of desire to know about the Restoration. Our investigator Dominga accepted a baptismal invitation!! Haha that came at a complete surprise to us! We have to teach her very simply and kinda slow haha but she has such a desire to follow Jesus Christ, which is the most important! She's coming to church this next week :) FINALLY!

I just feel like testifying about the love of the Savior. That is probably one of my favorite things to testify about, because I know it's true and it's real. I feel it every time I testify to the people we talk to. If the people we teach don't ever come to really accept our message at this time, I just hope and pray that they can feel and understand that they are loved. And really, I've come to truly understand and feel that the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ IS a message of love! It completely amazes me every time I study more and more about our Savior, the Gospel, and His plan of happiness. We are truly loved :) And we are blessed everyday! Have a great week :)

Here's to the new transfer!

Hermana Holt
 Hermana de Jesus

 Language study-is English that hard?

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