Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 73: The Pouring Rain, Finally

Hola a todos!! 

Heavenly Father has started to answer basically every Puerto Ricans prayer this week because WOW did it POUR!! Pouring rain isn't as fun for us as missionaries haha but we need the water! We now only have water on Tuesdays and Saturdays.. so.. it's quite the experience! I think Hermana Patino and I have mastered the art of saving water! This is a time where we've had to be completely prepared in every moment, because sometimes the water barely turns on! But really, it makes me think of how blessed we are as a church to have living prophets who have been telling us for years to be prepared for times like these, we never know when they might come, but our living prophet receives some pretty accurate revelation about it ;) Listen to him!! 

Guess what we put this past week?? UNA FECHA!!! Our investigadora accepted to be baptized the 12th of September and we are SO excited!! So now is when we truly need to see the miracles!! But I see a lot of potential in her, so I feel truly blessed to be able to see how Heavenly Father works through her. The Gospel is true!! We also had a cool experience this week. We were trying to find people from the Area Book but no one seemed to be home, nor wanted to answer, but before we went to the next person on our list, we decided to contact all of the neighbors with the time we had left, and I'm so glad we did!! After failing to contact another person on our list, we felt to go the house right next to it first. Out comes a lady named Josefina, and she lets us right in! And even better, she knows one of the members that lives by and her daughter had come to our church before and loved it! We focused a ton on families (which is one of my favorite things to testify about) and her 3 kids sat through the whole lesson! It comes to show that Heavenly Father has a plan for every tiny thing, He knows our plans before we even decide to do them! And even better, He knows every one of His children and prepares them for when they need to hear the message of the Gospel!! We are excited to work with them :)

I've been learning a lot about faith in these past few days, which I feel like is a principle that we should continually strive to learn about and put into practice daily. I think it's interesting how in the scriptures it says that faith is a hope for things which are not seen.. and I feel that the "not seeing" is the part that might make us stumble a little bit at times. But that is why when we speak of faith, it isn't having faith and hope in the things of the world and it's ever changing values (things that we may see), but it's faith in Jesus Christ, who has a foundation that will never fall (we may not see him, but he is there). The most important thing is to keep going! Keep having faith, keep having that hope that things will work out, keep trusting in Christ, and the blessings will come. It may not be in the form we would like and they may not be blessings we physically see, but the amazing thing is is how Christ helps us and lifts us up, as we show him that faith. It's not always easy, but the Gospel is so worth it! 

Hermana Holt

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