Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 71: Please read the Book of Mormon

Hola a todos!!

Guess what?? So Presidente called us this past week and this morning we got a Mini Missionary!! Her name is Hermana de Jesus and she's from the Ponce Stake - she's going to be with us for a whole week, basically as a missionary! It was so fun to go to the office this morning and see all these youth from the Island willing to serve a mini mission!! Their families were there and everything, we took some pictures, heard some words from Presidente, and were off! She's super cute, she's a convert of about 2 years, and she has THE most Puerto Rican accent so it's gonna be an amazing week :) We are excited!! 

This week was a fun one! I don't remember if I had mentioned it, but with our investigators Yubelki and Mariano, apparently Mariano's sister is Mormon! So this week her and her kids came into down so they invited us over to meet them! They have plans on staying here in Puerto Rico so ahora more members, AND Yubelki and Mariano have some member support! And it's even better because they are family! We taught a super great lesson with some help from them and it turned out super great! Now we just need to get Yubelki and Mariano to church!! I'm not sure why that's the hardest thing for everyone!!

We FINALLY got to see Victor and Mari - it scared us for a bit because we thought they were ignoring us, but they had been in the hospital for a few days with Victors mom. They are doing good, they want to come to church but when Sunday morning comes they don't show up! I have so much faith in them though, they have so much potential!

So I don't know if I have mentioned, but some months ago after Elder Holland came, he encouraged us to be a Book of Mormon mission. With that in mind, Presidente asked us to read it together as a mission, and we finished it on Sunday. Also, that Sunday night we ALL got together (that's right, the whole mission) and we had a testimony meeting about the Book of Mormon. Could there be anything better? It was absolutely amazing, not only to see everyone, but to hear everyone's testimonies and experiences from these past months reading and sharing about the Book of Mormon. This time reading it I decided to mark every time it said God or Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ, and all the other names they are given; and I can testify with all of my heart, just as clear and bright as you can see those names marked in pink color pencil in my scriptures, that They live!!!! They love us so much, more than we can imagine! Heavenly Father's plan is perfect, He gave His perfect Son to us, and we can know about them for ourselves!! There is power in reading the Book of Mormon, I testify that it can change people. I know that because I've seen it and because it has changed me as well. It's hard for me to completely understand what God has planned for us, but the fact that He has blessed us with the Book of Mormon helps me to realize that it's something amazing. How amazing are the prophets that we read about! That most of them spent their life and others gave their life keeping the records, writing history, and testifying about our Lord and Savior! I encourage everyone to read it, to really study it, to treasure it, and to pray to know if it is really true!! The true in heart and the sincere seekers will know of it's truthfulness. I hope we can all take time to truly read it this week!! Have a great one :)

Hermana Holt
All of my companions who are still in the mission field
missing Hermana Sosa and Escobar 

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