Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 70: Sweet 16

Hola a todos!

We are just on a roll!! Or better said, Heavenly Father is SO merciful!! This is our third week in a row finding more investigators to teach and it has been a blessing. It's kinda hard sometimes going a while without teaching a single lesson; so it just feels so good, so amazing to just sit down with these people, feel the Spirit, and just testify and share what we know is true. There is no other feeling like it! We hope and pray that these people will want to progress, but I've learned a lot about faith this week, and that it all is in the hands of the Lord. 

We had a super fun Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) this week with our amazing less active Quenia! She had invited over some other members too and let me just say that there is POWER in hearing the testimonies of the members!! They gave her so much encouragement and support which makes her process of coming back so much easier. We are all pumped now and want to do one with all of the less actives! Success? Si :) I've come to realized that just spending some time with the people who need it and just offering help, love, and support can make a lot more of a difference than we think! It's the pure love of Christ that changes hearts. 

Hermana Patino and I have been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon, especially in the contacts we do and we have been amazed at how much we are using it and how many we are giving out to people! Who doesn't want to hear how Christ came to the Americas?? There is so much power in the Book of Mormon and I love reading it and studying it everyday. We have been reading it together as a mission and we will be finishing this week - what better way to feel the Spirit of the Lord than to read the prophesies and testimonies of the prophets? I testify with all of my heart that the Book of Mormon is true and that it does testify of Jesus Christ. It changes the lives of people - I know because I have seen it, and I know that it has changed me as a person, as a missionary, and as a disciple of our Lord and Savior. How blessed we are to receive so much love from our Heavenly Father!! I hope we can all be a little bit better this week in our personal study of the Book of Mormon, it has been given to us for a reason!!

Hermana Holt
16 months down and...

 2 to go!

 FHE with ward members
 Quenias rottweilers-they are huge

 Dr. Frayli

 Mi Patino


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