Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 69: People are Prepared!

Hola a todos!!
We have ANOTHER new investigator, and even better it's the wife of Victor, the new investigator from last week! WOW. What an amazing lesson, the Spirit was so strong and I really feel that they are prepared to hear the Gospel! When we got to the lesson and they had both read the Restoration pamphlet and were ready to learn! And it was so crazy because apparently last week when we were teaching Victor, one of their family friends had had a serious accident but survived. And that all happened in the same hour we were there! He said that after we had left he had immediately started reading the Restoration pamphlet and as he finished he received the phone call from his wife telling him. It was obviously super hard for them and he said that he started to pray with his family, which he never does, and that he felt something telling him that all of what had happened (us passing and then the accident) was a testimony to him that it was true and that God was in charge, and that it was giving him the strength that he need during this time. He was basically crying when he told us this and his wife was too!! I was so shocked but wow, I felt so grateful! I KNOW Heavenly Father hears the prayers of His children. We are super excited to get to know them more and to teach them more :)
Quenia now has THREE sundays in a row coming to church!! I LOVE it!! She's doing super great. Still is struggling with some things at home, but it's so amazing to me to see the strength of these people with what they go through. She has so much faith and is an example to me of really relying on the Lord in ALL things.
Wow, time is going by super duper fast.. my companion hits her 9 months this week and it feels like i was just there!! Time really does go by fast when you're sharing the Gospel :) Share it with someone this week!! Your week will go by SO much better!! The Church is true everyone!
Hermana Holt

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