Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 67: Meet Hermana Patino

Hola a todos!!

So my new companion is not Latin haha but she is SO great!! Her name is Hermana Patino from Jacksonville, Florida and we have already had a blast together!! People have already told us like 10 times that we could be sisters which I don't know why haha but that's a compliment for me because she is adorable!! Tuesday was a long day of waiting for her to arrive but as soon as she got her we were right off to work! Poor thing, I've already taken her around like only part of the city on foot so we've been super tired (and apparently I walk super fast.. oops!).. the city has been a change for her since she was just in the mountains for the past 4 months, but she has adapted quickly and is already a city girl - she is already teaching me so much!!  

Well this week has definitely had its ups and downs, its funny times and scary times! It has been interesting but good! You guys aren't going to guess who came to church yesterday, QUENIA!!! When she walked in I seriously wanted to cry!! Haha I probably almost knocked her over because I basically ran up to hug her, but I was just too excited! After sacrament I asked her how she had felt and she just looked at me and said, Let's just say that I'm going to keep going.. Wow, it was amazing and we are so excited to see the changes that she's making, what a testimony builder to me! Church was also amazing because all the youth just got back from SOY, or their EFY and WOW best testimony meeting ever?? 6 of them had gone, 4 of them were counselors and 2 went as youth and let me just say that not only is that SOY changes lives, but it is more that the Gospel changes lives. These youth came back stronger than ever with SO much energy to live the Gospel everyday of their lives! The Gospel is just pure joy!! It was amazing because one of the youth, who I had never seen before, bore her testimony and shared how she left not even wanting to go and came back not even wanting to leave, she said she was a whole different person.. what an example! What an experience those youth had! Haha I remember those EFY days, and I add my testimony with those youth! The Gospel is the one thing that brings us happiness and something that should be lived everyday to the fullest! 

Soo this week we kinda worked without our cell phone.. hahaha super long story but lets just say that it was left in someones car and we've been without it for like 4 days now.... oops!!! I know back then they might not have had phones as missionaries but it has been so hard to work without it!! Technology really is a blessing that we can use to hasten the Lords work and we should take advantage of that and never loose it haha!! 

Wow time goes back so fast, that's all I have time for right now! The Gospel is so worth it, the Church is true, the scriptures really do testify of Christ, and I know that with all my heart! Heavenly Father knows who we are and what we need and He is a lot more close to us than we think He is. Have a great week everyone!!

Hermana Holt
Hermana Patino and I

 This is what the mission does to Americans

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