Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 66: 15 Months!

Hola a todos!!

Well, transfers are here anndddd I'm STAYING in Guaynabo!!! We kinda guessed it but we were surprised to find out that Hna Ahlander is headed to Humacao! I'm a little sad - she is seriously one of the funnest sister missionaries ever and we've gotten along SO well, but at the same time I'm super duper excited for her because it's her first change in the mission; I know she's going to go on to work miracles in the mission, how grateful I feel to have been her companion. She has taught me SO much!!

This week was definitely a lot better and we are seeing some progress! Quenia ALMOST made it to church this week! We stopped by to see how she was doing and she just says, Sisters I want to go to church this week! ... WHAT?! Is this not the less active that just two weeks ago and told us straight up that she wasn't ever planning on coming back? I seriously just wanted to cry in that instant. She has been trying so hard to change and has made a lot of progress! The Relief Society sisters had started this week reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days and when we told her about it, she got right on! She's super strong and I have learned a lot by her example. For health reasons she didn't make it this Sunday but there is always the next! Prayers for her! 

Our dear Maria is believing more and more every time we stop by - she's like a living miracle! We LOVE her! She told us this week that she really believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, wow! We keep pushing her with love to come to church and know that someday she will make that step. I know that she's been feeling the Spirit more and more, and I know that he will give her the nudge she needs :)

NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!! WOO!! Don't you just love those two words? I do! One of them is Marcy who is actually the friend of Cecilia! One day when we were teaching Cecilia she was there and told us that we can stop by anytime, so we definitely took that invitation! She's really Catholic but she's super sweet and willing to listen. We taught her about the Family Proclamation this week and she really liked it so that's a start! 

The other is Rosa! Ohh Rosa, she is AWESOME! She's the contact I think I mentioned last week.. well anyway, she has a LOT of potential and she's really looking for some spiritual guidance, and I know where she can get that from!! The only hard thing is that she talks a ton.. haha which is super good to get to know her but it's a little bit more complicated to teach! But we are super duper excited for her! I know Heavenly Father put her into our path for a reason, and the amazing thing is that Rosa recognized that too!

Well, the church is true everyone! I realize that more and more everyday as I share that with the people here! That's the awesome thing that happens when we share our testimonies, it is strengthened! I testify that God loves us and He truly knows us better than we know ourselves. We are His children! And what Father doesn't want the best for His children? He has a perfect plan for us and as we faithfully and willingly follow that plan, He will guide us to greater joy and happiness than we could have ever imagined! Have a great week!

Hermana Holt

15 months!

 Haley Brown's trainer

Emma getting baptized


 Pin the tie on the Elder

 He's trying to peek

 My turn

 Goodbye Elder Kendell


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