Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 65: Zone Conference

Hola a todos! 

This week, not everything seemed to go as we had planned, but we were blessed to have our Zone Conference that really gave us the spiritual boost that we needed!! The Zone Conference was awesome, Presidente is really pushing our mission so we can reach our potential as missionaries and servants of the Lord. Sometimes we have the tendency to look at the numbers he wants and we think.. what?! But at the same time, I think, this is what the Lord wants so it truly is something we can achieve! I'm super excited and it makes me SO happy to know that this mission, and the missionary work going on in this island really is getting better every day!! The Lord loves the Puertoricans and I do too :) 

Also, it decided to rain super duper hard this week on my intercambio with Hermana Madrigal, super hard that there was no way we could walk straight because the wind was pulling us so many different directions! And then no one decided to be home when it rained so we ended up staying soaking wet all day haha! I learned a valuable lesson that day that the Lord truly sees and knows our efforts. It's not always our favorite thing as missionaries, when no one seems to be home, nor interested as you contact, and you're soaking wet. But we kept going because we can do hard things! I love the Lord and I knew He was aware of us that day because at the LAST minute of the day someone decided to listen to us, and we have another appointment for this next week. We have to trust in Him, even though at times we feel it's just better to whine and complain and do what we feel is best! We just have to allow Him to bless us!

I know this church is true, and that our Heavenly Father loves us - He has given us the gospel!! What a blessing! Have a great week everyone!

Hermana Holt
 Intercambios (exchanges) with Hma Madrigal

 Our mission nurse, Hma Heidenrich went home.
She's been here the whole time I have

 The Morro

 So glad to put my feet in the sand

 Just a little windy

 I love my Puerto Rico

 That ship is huge

 The jumping pic

Our attempt at a laughing picture

 Can't take the gymnast out of me

 Love these girls!
Such cool streets
Just like what I saw on Google

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