Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 63:Special Visitors

Hola a todos!

This week was super great and we have seen a ton of blessings and little miracles! I'm really excited for what the Lord has planned for these next couple months, cause there is going to be some great changes!

Like I mentioned last week, fasting works and is real! After we finished writing, a member came to help us with our groceries, and as soon as we got into the car she said, I have a reference for you guys and we are going on Wednesday.. OK!! We now have a new investigator, Maria Margarita!! And the awesome thing is, is that her daughter who is a member in another ward has already given her a Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles book and she's almost done reading both of them.. HOW great is that!! She has a desire to know, but the thing that we are working with is helping her with the change because she is really really catholic. She told us that it's going to take time for her to change, but she is willing to do it! The Lord asks for a willing heart, right? We are super excited to start working with her!

We passed by with Cecilia again this week and now we are a little confused haha the lesson went really great and she is just loving the Book of Mormon but when we reminded her of church (and we thought she had stopped going to her other church) she told us that she couldn't because she already has an assignment in her church so she needs to be there Sundays.. what?? We had no idea and we aren't sure what happened! Little bump in the road there, but we'll see what will happen this week! I know that Heavenly Father is control of the situation and that He can work miracles! That's our little theme that Hermana Ahlander and I have as a companionship, that God is a God of miracles! It's so true!! And I testify and promise that as we look for them, we will see that they are everywhere! He is constantly blessing us.

Also, our less active Dora bore her testimony yesterday and it was so great!! We have loved seeing her come to church and we love teaching her - she has a strong testimony of the Restoration and it's amazing how much the Spirit can fill the room has one testifies of the blessings one has because of a boy who asked such an important question in 1820.

Last night we had dinner with some of the members, Hno y Hna Olmo, and it ended up being such a spiritual experience! As Hna Ahlander and I have fasted, we have felt impressed to start contacting and working in Bello Monte, the area where these members lived. As we shared with them our thoughts and feelings, right there on the spot they gave us 9 names of less active families that they knew lived in the area!! The sister even pulled out her phone right then and asked one of her friends about taking the missionary discussions!! We finished the evening in a kneeling prayer, which they asked me to give, and I know that the Savior was with us in that moment. The Spirit was just so real as we asked for help with the missionary work in this part of the area! Wow, Hna Ahlander and I are super excited to start and even more excited that we've got two other companions with us as well!! ;)

The days keep getting hotter and hotter, and our faces seem to get more red everyday haha but I just love it! Not the heat so much haha but just being out! Out in the city sharing what we know! It's not always easy, but it's so worth it! Have a great week everyone!

Hermana Holt
Aunt Jenna (my mom's sister)
 The Millers
Uncle Robert, Emily, Aubrey, Brenna, Lindsay, Kayla, Aunt Jenna
Visiting me before their cruise

 This is why you shouldn't cut your own hair

 English class-they learned the names of clothes and had to put them on

 Hermana Ahlander's depiction of us


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