Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 36: Él es la Dádiva

Hola a todos!!

Wow, I have a lot to cover in so little time! So, we have transfers this week and guess what?! Haha so of course as missionaries we always think what "might" happen in transfers and everything and let me tell you, Hermana Escobar and I were not thinking this!! So first of all, we are SO sad because Hermana Ramos and Boaz are both going home!! Yup, they've finished their missions!! It's been so weird to see them in the house completely packing.. what a roller coaster of emotions it has been! We are going to miss them like CRAZY. And with that, they gave us ALL of their investigators and less actives and converts - everything. Haha I can't even tell you how busy we are going to be this transfer... So our district leader calls us the other night and is like, ok so Hermana Holt, you are staying.. and Hermana Escobar.... you are staying too. AND it looks like you have another companion coming your way!


Hahaha how crazy is that?!?! From what we heard over the phone her name is Hermana Holly and she is coming tomorrow!! We are a little nervous because there are going to be three of us haha but we are super excited too, more power to us, right?! So, more about that next week :)

So one Wednesday we had another Zone Conference but we grouped with Caguas Zone because Elder Hugo Martinez and his wife came and spoke to us!!! They are AMAZING and it was such an amazing conference!! We studied a talk by Elder Bednar (Searching diligence by faith or something like that) and had a discussion with him about it! Super duper uplifting. Also, we were told about the Él es la Dádiva Iniciative - He is the Gift. I hope you guys have all heard about it be now!! If not, go to and watch the video! How amazing this time of year is and that we as members have the opportunity to share this Gift with all!! Our Heavenly Father has given us the most precious gift. Let us keep that in mind this Christmas season :)

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!! We did hear and were able to spend it with a couple different members!! Haha I've never been so full in my entire life..

So guess what?! This week's the week!! This week is the week that Morgan is going to come to church!! AH we are so excited and are PRAYING all goes well! He is progressing super duper well! He is still having a hard time with the coffee but I've never seen someone so determined!! He strengthens our faith!!

Anyway, I've got to go, I hope everyone has an amazing week!! Don't forget to share the Gift :)

Hermana Holt

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