Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 37: The Trio

Hola a todos!!
Well, our precious Hermana Halling (de Michigan) has now joined the crew!! WE LOVE HER!!!! She came in Tuesday afternoon and she is such a light!! This is her second area and she only has 5 little months in the mission!! She is seriously the sweetest! I will be honest, being in a trio is definitely different - trying to figure out the contacting and the teaching - but we are making it work. It's a lot of communication between us 3, but I know it's going to help us in the long run!  
Another suprise this week, we have had no water the passed two days!! Hahaha talk about washing dishes and showering.. with bottles of water!! But luckily we were prepared!! When we first moved here they told us that every once and a while we don't have water and it could be for however long. So, every water bottle we used, we filled it back up with the sink water (that we don't drink.. it does not taste good haha) and we stored it in the closet! Well, all of these weeks were worth it because we basically used every single one haha it's been fun!
So, you guys are NOT going to believe it. Morgan didn't make it to church yesterday. I ABOUT DIED!! We aren't sure what happened yet.. but we are just praying everything is ok. We are seeing him tomorrow so prayers for him!! But this week was absolutely CRAZY. We are so exhausted. We have now trippled the amount of lessons Hna Escobar and I used to have and we are walking now both parts of the area - where the other sisters were and where we have been! Trying to plan everything has been rough but we hope with the next coupld of weeks things will start to smoothe out a bit!! Once we start getting to know the people more I'll give some more updates!!
I hope everyone got to see the Christmas Devotional! We had permission to see it but only in the chapel! Haha and of course our ward watches it in their house, so us missionaries crammed into the Secretaries office and we watched it on the computer! It froze a bit so we didn't get to hear all of it, but what we did hear was amazing!! I LOVE this time of year!! Especially being a missionary in this time of year :)
Anyway, I love you all and I hope everyone has an amazing week!! Sorry not a lot of time!
Hermana Holt 
We got our flu shot

Wanda took us out to lunch

We love our new companion Hermana Halling

My favorite ornament

We love Christmas

Our first Sunday as a trio

Watching the Christmas devotional in the clerks office

Our shower water for the past few days

I love my frappas!

Hermana Dominguez was with us today

Hermanas Dominguez, Holt, Halling and Escobar

One more car picture for the road

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