Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 38: the cake

Hola a todos!!
So you guys are not going to believe what happened!! So this week we were going to make sure that Morgan made it to church! So we had our lesson with him Tuesday and we asked him what happened the past Sunday. He told us that he had no idea what happened and that he was SO tired that he literally couldn't get out of bed. He said that his body always wakes him up at 5 AM and that that morning he didn't get up til 9... can you say adversary? So we talked about it and he said that he was going to make a big effort to go to church! But, just to make sure, we past by throughout the week just to make sure haha! On Friday we ran into him and he's like, hey! I'm coming to church Sunday (he said it first)! And since it's my birthday tomorrow, I won't be working and so I won't be tired!
Did he just say birthday? OH MAN! We TOTALLY forgot his birthday!!! We had written it down in our other agendas and we didn't move it over! Hahaha so Saturday, we walked the hour to his house with a homemade cake in our hands hahaha it completely melted but it's the thought that counts!
So here comes Sunday morning. Nothing.. we start Sacrament meeting.. nothing. So by this point I'm just dying inside. What happened?! Our music leader person wasn't there so bishop asked me to lead the hymns. So, as we are singing and I'm leading the intermediate hymn, here comes Morgan walking in the door!!!!!!!!!!!! I about started jumping up and down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha que alegria!!! The reason why he was late was, he WALKED the whole hour from his house to the church because he didn't have the car. He walked. Dedication and desire right there I think!!! And it was perfect because he already knows a few of the members that we've brought to the lessons so he fit right in!! We have another lesson with him tomorrow so we'll talk to him more about it then! But we think he really like it!!! Prayers!!
Also we had another cool miracle happen this week! One of our lessons went late and we were super far from the plaza and had to walk a long dark street to get to the main road. Dreading it, we started walking haha all of the sudden this jeep stops next to us.. My heart started to pound as the person rolled down the window.. then she said..
Are you guys members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? I'm a member! WHEW!! Hahaha we all just started laughing! And she gave us a ride :) So this lady has been a member for 14 years and now lives in Chicago and is here for a week or so visiting her mom here in Juana Diaz! It turns out her mom was baptized 3 years ago but is now inactive because she didn't know anyone in the church. So, Heavenly Father crossed our paths and we now are working with the sweetest and funniest old lady ever!!!! Heavenly Father works in funny ways sometimes! It's definitely a blessing!!
Wow, this time goes by so fast! I don't have more time! But really, things are going good! The trio is going on super strong and we are doing our best to bring the beautiful message of the Christmas season to all that will hear!! Don't forget the real Gift of Christmas!! Él es la Dádiva :)
Hermana Holt

Gluten free cake

Gluten free sandwich

Juana Diaz and the amazing trio

Morgan's birthday

The melted cake

our free bags from the plaza

pinchos in the plaza

Hermana Escobar

Hermana Holt

the 3 hermanas with the 3 kings

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