Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 52: God Hears our Prayers

Hola a todos!!

Man, did we see some miracles this week!!! For these past weeks, Hna Lopez and I have been trying to really focus on our prayers. We know that as we ask for specific things, we get specific answers. So, in these past weeks we've been praying to find a family, and a single woman. Haha we wanted to be specific! And after a long couple of weeks, we found both of them in these past few days!!!! Incredible

On Wednesday we decided to contact an area that we've never been to. That's always the best cause you can talk with absolutely everyone!!! But as we started to walk, we realized that we were entering el campo! Haha meaning that there are a lot of trees and fields and farms and not a lot of houses! So one of the first houses we see, we decided to see if anyone was there! Out walks a women named Irma. OH my goodness this lady is prepared!!! Once she figured out who we were, she asks us, so what's different about your religion than the others? BEST question!! So we begin talking about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! And so she let us in :) Haha wow, it was awesome! She is asisting another church right now but she said that she doesn't believe in everything that they teach. She told us that as she reads the Bible, she feels that there is something more! HOW perfect is this?? We have another appointment for this week so we are praying that everything continues to go well!!

Heres the other story!! So, we contacted in another place we've never been :) and as we were walking there was this guy on the side of the road kinda looking at us haha! So obviously, we walk as fast as we can past him but as we walked by, we saw a house with a family inside! So I thought, this is perfect - as soon as we come back we can stop by! Well, obviously that wasn't what Heavenly Father wanted because as we kept walking, one of the memebers stops by in his car and says, pointing to the house we just passed, you need to visit that family. OK!! Hahaha so we turned around and contacted them. SUCH a cute and humble family! Yesenia, the mom, lives with her husband and her 4 kids! But they told us that the Elders had already passed! So we just shared a little bit with them, and we were off! Once we talked to the Elders, they told us that we can visit them!!!! WOO!! How sweet! So, we went back Sunday and taught about the family and WOW what a powerful lesson!! More to come on this family :) 

I know that prayer works!! Heavenly Father loves us SO much and wants to answer us! We just have to be humble, ask with a sincere heart, and follow the guidance He gives us!!

I love you all, have a great week!!

Hermana Holt

 Climbing into the caves

 Jan Carlos just got baptized in December

 La Cueva del Indio

Yesnia was our guide 

Peace out Mesa

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