Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 53: My Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Hola a todos!!

Well, something went wrong with my email and now I only have 5 minutes.. TESTIMONY TIME!!!

I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves us and is SO aware of everything we are going through. If we pray to Him with a sincere heart, He will help us with what we need! He already knows what we need and what we desire, He is just waiting for us to turn it all to Him so he can help us :) What better way to go through our lives than with the help of our Savior?! And guess what week it is?! EASTER!! I know that Jesus Christ lives!! His resurrection means everything to me. He died for every single one of us, and yet he LIVES for every single one of us everyday! What a blessing that is. How grateful I am for Jesus Christ and to be able to represent him for 18 months. Also, Jesus Christ made it possible that FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!! I love testifying of that! The womens conference this past weekend was incredible and I hope all of us will defend the family!! It's the most precious thing that we have. And what greater love and happiness can we have than to live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, AND with our families. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is absolutely incredible in every way!

Sorry it's a short one, but it is still written with all the love I have :)

Make sure that you watch the new Easter video!! Share it :)

Hermana Holt

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