Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 54: Conference was Amazing

Hola a todos!! 

Well, I think I know what every missionary is going to talk about today.. Did you see Conference?? HOW AMAZING IT WAS!! I am completely blown away by the messages that we heard, all the leaders who spoke were completely inspired by the Spirit and said exactly what we needed to hear. I can testify again and again that I know that if we go to Conference with specific questions, and an open heart ready to learn, we will receive the answers we need. And as missionaries it's super amazing because we get to think about others and what they need, and I can tell you that the questions I had for them were even answered! Heavenly Father loves His children! How grateful I am for living prophets and apostles, we are super blessed :)

Ok so you don't even have to ask because there is no way I can pick a favorite talk, but I'll just touch on a few of them! First of all, after the first talk by Elder Erying to open the conference, my comp and I just thought, well.. I think we can end the conference with that! WHAT power he had as he testified of the power of fasting and the blessings of paying a generous fast offering! Really, as missionaries, as crazy as it seems sometimes, one of our favorite things to do is fast. I testify along with Elder Eyring that we are richly blessed spiritually and temporally as we keep this commandment! I also loved L. Whitney Claytons talk, that if we search and have a desire to believe, there will always be a spiritual light beckoning us. We just need to act! This is a great principle we are going to use with some investigators :) The afternoon session I think was the session that I loved the most!! Elders Bednar and Christofferson spoke with such power and who didn't love the talk from Elder Andersen of the 70?? Coming from a musical family, this one one of my favorites :) How sweet is President Monson? I loved how simple and powerful his talk was on temples, it truly is a place where we can go with any condition of heart and find peace. HOW exciting for the new temples!! We are all stoked to have another temple here in the Caribbean!! Yaya! Puerto Rico is going to be next.. haha :) Elder Holland took down the house as always and President Ucthdorf truly taught us what the grace of Christ is. How grateful I am for my Savior and the grace that he is so willing to give us. The final session was super funny because us missionaries in the other room were watching the Conference in English, but when they announced that there would be a speaker giving his talk in Spanish, we all ran to the other room to hear it, and then we had to run back! And then like 2 talks later we had to run again to the other room to watch the other talk in Spanish! Haha the members thought it was funny! It's crazy to think sometimes that I actually can understand what they are saying haha! And what a good way to end the Conference with the delightful words of Elder Nelson, the Sabbath really is a delight!!

I hope everyone was able to think of our Savior Jesus Christ as we celebrated His resurrection, even though it is something we really should think about daily! I am so grateful for Him in my life and for what His resurrection means for me personally and for every single one of us. I hope that we all can take a moment to really really think about what His death and resurrection mean. I love how the scriptures describe it! And I love (and I hope you have all seen) the new video of the church, Gracias a que El Vive! Seek Him, and share this gift with others :)

This week was a little bit more difficult for Hna Lopez and I, lessons wise. Since it was Holy Week, with a strong culture here, most of the people didn't have school and either weren't home, or were at the beach haha soo we didn't have much luck but we received SO many blessings. We got to share with more people our testimony of Jesus Christ and about the new video! There were a lot of times this week were we just seemed to walk and walk and there was no one and we kept thinking, what are we supposed to do now? But Heavenly Father blessed us with a lot of animo (not sure there is a word for that in English.. haha) this week - even though number wise we weren't having a lot of success, I have never felt so happy to just walk around and talk to people and just be outside sharing the great news! He gave us a lot of strength and a lot of faith to keep walking that thinking about it now, it's incredible! Heavenly Father sure does love us and is literally there with us every step of the way. We just need to put some faith in every footstep :)

Well, that's all I have time for! I love you all and hope you have a great week!! I challenge you all to share your testimony of Christ with someone this week and to share what Christs resurrection means to you!

Hermana Holt

Dinner with Brenda after conference

Mama and Daughter

Waiting for Women's Conference to start

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