Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 56: Feast Upon the Words of Christ

Hola a todos!!

Well, this week was a lot better teaching wise, and we were able to see some small miracles throughout the week! Our mission has been really focusing on inviting our investigators to be baptized so we can get some baptismal dates! Hermana Lopez and I were a little worried because none of our investigators seem to be progressing that much, but we had a lot of faith this week and invited some of them to be baptized, and they all accepted!!!! So, now we just have to get them with baptismal dates, and help them really recognize their answer!! I want to talk about Yesenia, and investigator that we have a lot of faith in!!

We started teaching Yesenia about 3 weeks ago and she loves it when we come over! She is super open and is already loving the Book of Mormon, which is awesome! When we first shared it with her, we read the last 2 paragraphs of the Introduction with her and as she finished, she said, wow - why don't other churches tell us about this?? Haha she is so cute! She told us that she loved the part that said that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the kingdom of God here upon the earth.. she's gold!! She also loves the testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith which is great! This week we watched The Testaments movie with her and her 2 little girls, and it was awesome. SO spiritual and we know she felt the Spirit, and her daughters did too! I love testifying of when Christ came to the Americas. The Spirit of the Book of Mormon is incredible! She accepted to be baptized, but the ONLY thing is that her and her husband aren't married...... AND he is never in the lessons, nor is he there when we are there, so that's going to be the hardest thing! We are hoping and praying that he'll be able to join us in the next lessons so we are able to talk about all of that with them. But, they should be coming to our church activity this week so we are super excited about that!!

We found a new investigator this week and let me say, there is no excuse for age!! Haha this women is 89 years old and the first day we stopped by, she had already read the whole Restoration pamphlet!!! Hahaha talk about will power!! She is the cutest little old lady, and all though she doesn't exactly remember everything, she is super willing to keep studying so she is able to remember! 

We had intercambios this week and guess who is our new Sister Trainer?? Hermana Watkins!!!! It was SO good to see her and to work with her in her area of Vega Baja!! Haha we haven't seen each other from San Sebastian and it was so great to catch up with her!! We got rained on super duper hard haha that we had to literally wait under the roof of a basketball court for all the rain to pass because the water was up to our ankles!! So we were soaking wet half of the day, but it was fun! 

Oh one more thing!! We finally got into contact with a convert that was baptized about 6 months ago, but who is now less active because she hasn't been coming to church for health issues.. it's been super sad to see and super hard on us because we can barely come in to contact with her, but we were blessed immensely because she happened to be in her house when we passed by. Wow! Let me just say, I was completely shocked and my testimony grew so much more of the power of the scriptures!! As we were talking to her about her church attendance, she started to cry and told us how she is going to try really hard to get up on Sundays, but it's been hard with her health problems. Then she just looked at us and testified of the scriptures and how they have helped her in these months.. after reading the Book of Mormon, she has read the entire guia de las escrituras and is already reading doctrine and covenants!!!!!!!! The WHOLE thing!! Wow, I was completely blown away!!!! She testified of the strength that she has received in these hard months just from reading every night. Just another testimony builder to me of the power that we receive as we read the word of God!!
Wow, the Gospel is true :)

Anyway, that's all for now, have a great week everyone and remember to continually feast upon the words of Christ!! For they will tell us all that we should do!

Hermana Holt

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