Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 55: I Knew!

Hola a todos!! 

What a week it has been! The sun has decided to reallllly come down on us haha it has begun :) I kid you not, I've never used so much sun screen in my entire life! The people literally tell us that we smell like the beach haha but it could be worse, right? 

Where to begin? Well, our testimonies were really tried this week, but I've never felt my testimony stronger! So, a few weeks ago I mentioned a contact that we made that was literally an answer to our prayers! Well, she invited us over finally and she was so sweet to make us lunch. Her cousin who was visiting her was over too and he was super cool! He mentioned to us that for his work he has been to Utah several times and even visited temple square! Everything was going super well, so after we finished we taught them about the Restoration! We barely started talking about when Christ established His church when she begins to go off on.. a lot of different things!! Oh man! Haha in that moment I was thinking, poor Hermana Lopez, she's probably freaking out!! So I lovingly tried to continue the lesson as we discussed everything with the priesthood and the apostasy. She seemed to calm down a bit but I literally had a huge pit in my stomach because I knew where it was going. I then testified to her that because God loves us so much, He called a prophet in our days to restore the truths that had been lost for so many years.. I then began to testify of Jospeh Smith. Wow, in the moment that I began to say the first vision, I began to feel the warmest feeling I have ever felt in my chest, that slowly begun to spread throughout my whole body - that by the time I finished the words said to Joseph Smith, ".. este es mi Hijo Amado, escuchalo.." I felt completely covered by this warm sensation. I KNEW that the Holy Ghost was confirming to me in that moment, that was I was saying was true. That Joseph Smith really did see our Heavenly Father and His son Jeus Christ! And how grateful I am for the testimony I have, because our investigator didn't seem to happy about that. I'm not going to say what she began to say, but I do want to say that we MUST know for ourselves that these things are true. That Joesph Smith was a prophet, that the Gospel is restored! That we have the priesthood keys here on the earth, that the Book of Mormon is true and testifies of Jesus Christ!! We are in the last days and we must be prepared for what is going to come - we must stand strong and testify of what we know is true!! I'm super grateful for experiences like this in my mission, not that they are easy to have, but they make me and my testimony stronger. 

I wish I had more time to explain all the experiences we've had this week, but I'll have to keep it at this for now! Things are going well, we are still on the lookout for the people Heavenly Father is preparing, so we are praying we will find them in the coming weeks! We have a lot of faith in an investigator named Yesenia, I'll talk about her next week!! We also received a lot of names this week to contact so we are excited about that too! The work continues and we love it!! Have a great week everyone :)

Hermana Holt

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