Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 59: The final call home

Hola a todos!!

Well, this past week was a great one, with many miracles, and it ended SUPER because I got to see you guys!!!! How grateful I am for technology that allows us to see each other even though it's just 2 times a year!! And it's absolutely crazy because I'll actually get to see your faces in person in less than 5 months!! I don't think I've ever felt time go by so fast!! 

Well, you guys won't believe what happened this week! Hna Lopez and I truly saw and felt the hand of the Lord guiding us to 2 new people that we are teaching :) The first one is Kayla! She was a reference from the Elders that we have been trying to contact for weeks put her phone never worked and whenever we passed by (and she does not live close haha) she wasn't there. SO! One of the members came with us to a lesson but right as she picked us up, the investigator that we were going to go with canceled. Pues, ok then! So then I thought, well lets take advantage that we have a ride and lets stop by with Kayla and see if she's home.. and she WAS! The lesson that we had with her was amazing. Super duper spiritual and she is super prepared! She's a single mom with a 5 year old son who is the cutest thing!! The Elders had passed by like one or two times so she already knew a little bit of the Restoration. So we got to know her a little bit and she started to tell us how she is ready to change and how she wants to help her son and raise him in the right paths, well that's perfect because we can help her with just that :) We testified strongly on the families and how the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ can change us and when we invited her to be baptized, she accepted!!! Woo!!! So she has a lot of potential :) She should be coming to church this week!

Our other miracle investigator is Joliana! We stopped by a members house to get our hair trimmed and the members best friend, Joliana, had stopped by in the exact moment that we got there.. :) Coincidence?? The member had told us that Joliana had been asking her in the passed couple of weeks why the member kept saying that her family is a forever family. Perfect! So we got to know her a little bit, super casual, and then she started to tell us that it had caught her attention because the church that she is attending right now teaches that after we die, we aren't going to recognize anyone, we aren't going to know our families. Saying that outloud really hit her hard because then she started to cry and told us that she can't imagine not remembering her 2 daughters and that it didn't seem right. Wow, how grateful I am for the knowledge we have that our families can be together forever, and that Heavenly Father makes that possible! And we taught and testified of just that :) The spirit was super strong and she is super receptive to the spirit!! We have another lesson with her this week and we are super excited!!!

I love the Gospel.

Tomorrow we have our Zone Conference with Elder Cornish! It's going to be with 3 other zones and almost an all day thing so we are super duper excited :) And also tomorrow we have our Member Missionary activity!! Wish us luck!!!! We have been preparing really hard for this and feel that the Lord has even guided us in our plans. Well, that's all I've got right now!! This week is my last week training Hermana Lopez, I can't even believe how fast the time has gone.. she is an amazing missionary and I have been so blessed to spend these past 12 weeks with her. We'll see what the transfers bring this next week! Have a great week everyone!! 

Hermana Holt

 Happy Mother's Day!

Sweet companions

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