Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 60: Hola Guayanabo! Nice to meet you!

Hola a todos!!

Well, this week I'm pretty sure everything you could think of happened! First of all, we have transfers and.. I'm off to GUAYANABO!! It's near San Juan, so close to the mission home and from what I've heard it's definitely a lot more city. But, we'll see what part we actually live. So no more ocean from what I know, but a new atmosphere so we'll see what happens! Mi hija Hermana Lopez is going to take on Arecibo, and she is going to do absolutely amazing!! She is completely prepared and has a lot of work set out for her; but she definitely won't be doing it alone because she is going to be in a TRIO!! Can you believe that?? The mission has had a lot of changes, apparentely 24 missionaries are going home this transfer and of course more are coming in! 

I think Heavenly Father told me without me realizing it that I was going to Guayanabo haha here is what happened! A contact had given us some pasta de guayava which is from a fruit here and Hna Lopez asked me, What's this called? Pasta de Guayanabo? Hahaha I was like, no Guayanabo is a city here! And the crazy thing is, she's never heard of Guayanabo!! So as soon as she said that I thought, haha that would be funny . . and it happened! So here we go :) 

So talking about this week, like I said, we experienced a bit of everything. A lot of success, a lot of rejection, a lot of small miracles, and a lot of faith trying moments. But I've come to realize that really no matter how many bad and hard moments there are, they just all seem to disappear as we focus on the good we are given! And the Lord blessed us a lot this week.. because.. we have a BAPTISMAL DATE with Kayla!!!!! Yayaya!! I've never seen someone so willing to change and to be baptized! She is working for the 6th of June and we are super excited :) Yes, it's going to be a little hard not to see it, but I am confident that Hna Lopez is going to work miracles here! Also, we found 2 other new investigators this week who are both willing to be baptized as well, how great is that?? One is a college student who is truly looking for the truth, and she told us that with just reading about the Restoration and some of the Book of Mormon, she feels like she's found it. LIKE WHAT?! I am so excited for what Heavenly Father has in store for Arecibo. I know He loves the people here and it has been amazing to feel just a little bit of the love as a missionary! 

I don't have too much time but we also had our Zone Conference this week with Presidente Cornish, who is presidente of the Carribbean Area! It was incredible and he gave us a lot of good ideas and tips to better work with the members and how to help the investigators come to their own conversion. I testify that the Lord speaks through His servants!! How grateful I am for that.

Well, on to a new adventure! How amazing it is to know that no matter where we are or where we go, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always the same!! So, here I go to teach the people of Guayanabo! Wish me luck!!

Hermana Holt

 waiting for more than an hour to skype the family

 so happy to see their faces

 Hma Lara and Hma Lopez at zone conf.
 pretty in pink

 Juan and Isabel

 our first time trying sunflower seeds

 youth activity

 ward members cheering

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